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KSI defied pleas from his team to stop 15st Logan Paul from jumping on him at WrestleMania just weeks before next fight

, KSI defied pleas from his team to stop 15st Logan Paul from jumping on him at WrestleMania just weeks before next fight

KSI defied the pleas from his entire team to stop Logan Paul from jumping on him from the top rope at WrestleMania.

The YouTube, music and crossover boxing star accompanied Paul – wearing a Prime drink suit – in his match with Seth Rollins.

KSI after being frog splashed by Logan Paul

And KSI got his first taste of WWE action when he took a frog splash from Paul, who was aiming for Rollins.

The spot came just six weeks before KSI’s next fight, against millionaire nightclub tycoon-turned boxer Joe Fournier.

So it proved hard to convince his camp that letting Paul – who weighs around 15 stone – collapse on him was a good idea.

But KSI told SunSport: “Trust me, it was hard. From the Sidemen, to my trainers, to my manager, they were all stressing.

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“And the funny thing is, I was the one who was gassed the most. I was like, ‘Let’s do it, this is sick, I love this idea.’

“So, they had a few plans to try change it so that Logan wouldn’t be jumping on me.

“But I was like, ‘That’s boring, man. That’s not ground breaking, I want this to be huge.’ I was like, ‘I can take a bump, it’s fine. Let’s do it.’

“So yeah, I talked them into it, we did some practise and then we just went for it.”

KSI, 29, thankfully emerged unscathed for his DAZN pay-per-view fight with 9-0 Fournier, 40, next Saturday at Wembley Arena.

It will be his seventh bout in the ring, following a draw in 2018 and win over Paul in their rematch a year later.

The pair are now friends and business partners having launched hydration drink Prime to great success.

Paul, 28, is yet to box since taking American legend Floyd Mayweather, 46, the distance in their June 2021 exhibition.

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Instead the social media sensation has focussed his efforts on the WWE, earning himself a new contract.

And although KSI was talked into receiving a frog splash from the air, it could be his first and last finisher in the WWE ring.

KSI said: “I enjoyed it but it’s just not for me, man. It’s a lot work, it’s a lot of work.

“I see what Logan does, I’ve seen behind the scenes what he has to do in order to entertain as well as take bumps. It’s too much for me.”

KSI facing off with his next opponent Joe Fournier

, KSI defied pleas from his team to stop 15st Logan Paul from jumping on him at WrestleMania just weeks before next fight
KSI speaking to SunSport ahead of his next fight

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does learning boxing take?

Boxing takes approximately 3 months to learn. It takes 3 months to learn the basics of boxing, including footwork, stance and balance. Remember that boxing is more than just throwing punches. It’s important to be able to block and dodge punches.

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How long does it take to become a professional boxer?

Professional boxing takes hard work and dedication. You will need to train at least 10 hours per semaine if you want to be a professional boxer.

What is Boxing?

Boxing is a sport where two people try to knock out each other by hitting them in their head and faces. Boxing is about hitting an opponent as hard possible, without inflicting any injuries. Both boxers need to be able throw punches at high speeds in order to achieve this. They should also have excellent hand-eye coordination.

How do you practice boxing punches.

A punching bag is used to practice boxing punches. The bag is used to practice boxing punches until you feel confident. Next, move on to the next section of your body. You can then move onto the next area once you are comfortable with that one.

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How much weight should I lift to be a successful shopper?

Weight lifting is essential if you want to improve your strength. Lifting weights should be done with care. Don’t do it too often. You should lift heavier weights at least once a week. Third, you should do 8 repetitions of each exercise. Fourth, between sets, take 2 minutes to rest. Fifth, complete all exercises using no momentum. And lastly, put more emphasis on form than speed.

What is the difference between left hook and right cross?

A left hook can be thrown from the side, and a right cross from the front.

A left hook is thrown with the back of the hand facing the opponent’s face. The elbow is bent 90° and the wrist is turned 45° toward the opponent.

The opponent is facing the palm and the elbow straight. A right cross is made. The opponent’s wrist is rotated 45 degrees to the side.

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How can I learn how to defend myself against boxing?

Boxing is one the oldest martial arts known. Boxing can also be considered to one of hardest sports to perform. You can’t just punch someone across the face and make him go away. You have to be able to defend yourself against kicks and punches.

Finding a nearby boxing gym is the first step. Once you have located a good gym, you can get gloves and headgear. The gloves protect your hands, while the headgear protects you. Also, you will need to wear shorts with a T-shirt.

Once you’ve gathered all your equipment, it’s time for you to start warming up. You can start slowly and then increase speed gradually. Once you feel comfortable, go for it and spar with another boxer. Do not worry if you make a mistake. Don’t worry if you miss. Just keep trying until it works.


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  • You want to be running at roughly 75-80% of your top speed..5 mile slow, easy recovery jog at the end.[6]X Research source 2Mix in long runs, shadow boxing, and short sprints on non-interval days. (

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How To

Here are the Essential Skills of Boxing

How to box effectively

Boxing has become a very popular sport. Two opponents fight each other to the death. The rules of boxing vary from country to country. There are three main types of boxing: Amateur boxing, Professional boxing, and Olympic boxing.

Amateur boxing usually takes place at school, college and university. This type includes sparring sessions using padded gloves, but without protection. Amateur boxing matches usually consist of three rounds lasting five minutes each. There are many types of amateur boxing: Kickboxing, Muay Thai and Taekwondo.

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Boxing is often practiced in gyms or clubs. They have protective equipment such as mouthpieces. Professional boxing competitions have six rounds that last four minutes each. There are several different styles of professional boxing including Boxing, MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Taekwondo and others.

Olympic boxing takes place at the Olympics. Boxers wear special protective gear, which must conform to international standards. The competition lasts approximately three minutes for each round. Only two types of Olympic boxing are available: Light Flyweight or Heavyweight.

These are the basic skills required to box.

  • Punching techniques
  • Guarding techniques
  • Footwork
  • Stance
  • Movement of the body
  • Defense
  • Combination
  • Rotation
  • Spare parts

Punching Techniques

There are seven types: Left Hook (right hook), Right Hook (uppercut), Cross (cross), Straight, Overhand, Underhand. Each punch has its own technique. Some punches are more powerful than others. For example, an uppercut is a powerful punch. A straight punch, on the other hand requires less power and is quicker than other punches.

There are also many combinations. These are combinations of punches which work together to achieve a goal. An entire combination could have several parts. For example, a left hook followed by a right cross will cause damage to the opponent’s jaw.

Guard Techniques

Boxers use their bodies to defend themselves against attack. He does this by using his legs.


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To defend against kicks, a boxer should use his legs. He raises his leg when he is hit with a kick and then moves away from the opponent. If the attacker is coming from the front, he will bend at the knees to avoid getting kicked on either side. However, if the attack comes from behind, he stands up straight and blocks the kick with his foot.


Elbow strikes are very powerful because they inflict great pain. An elbow strike may be delivered directly or in an indirect manner. Directly means you hit your opponent directly with your forearm. While indirectly, it means you hit him with another section of your arm.


Boxers use their arms to stop incoming blows. They raise their fists high above their heads and point them in the direction of an attack. The attacker’s fist is then in their face.


When receiving a blow to the stomach, abdomen or chest, a boxer should bend his knees to absorb the impact. For defense purposes, knee strikes are common.


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A boxer should not be afraid to respond to an attack. This allows him to put distance between himself, his opponent, and the ring. Boxers should also keep their balance when counter-attacking.


To box effectively, a boxer must establish a stance. His stance will determine how he defends. It defines where he faces his opponent and how he positions his body. There are many positions that boxers can adopt. Here are some of the more popular ones:

  • Low stance
  • High stance
  • Southpaw stance
  • Western stance

The Body Movement

To win a fight, a fighter must move around the opponent. This means changing your speed, position and rhythm.


When a boxer throws a punch, he rotates in order to increase the reach of his arm. You can rotate at different speeds depending upon the punch.


Timing of each punch is crucial to the effectiveness of a combination. A combination that is effective starts with a strong punch, and ends with one that is weak.

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Spare parts

Sparring is a training session that improves boxing skills. Sparring allows a boxer to improve his mental and physical skills. Sparring, in conclusion, is about learning how to fight and not getting hurt.

It is important to be patient and dedicated when learning how to box. Boxing is a sport that requires dedication and perseverance.



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