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KSI vs FaZe Temperrr live stream and TV guide: How to watch HUGE Misfits Boxing fight

KSI makes his long-awaited return to the boxing ring to take on FaZe Temperrr at Wembley Arena.

KSI was last in action in August, when he beat BOTH Swarmz and Luis Pineda on the same night.

KSI faces FaZe Temperrr at Wembley Arena

This time in his way is fellow YouTube star Temperrr, who stepped in to replace Dillon Danis after the main event fight fell through.

The big fight is part of the Misfits Boxing 004 card which also includes Elle Brooke and Salt Papi on the bill.

While KO artist Slim also returns on the card against DJ Tom Zanetti.

The huge main event will be the latest of the Sidemen vs FaZe Clan rivalry.

How to watch KSI vs FaZe Temperrr?

KSI vs FaZe Temperrr will be broadcast live on DAZN PPV.

The event costs £11.99 to purchase on top of a £7.99 DAZN monthly subscription.

It will cost $39.99 on top of your $19.99 DAZN subscription for those in the US.

What time does KSI vs FaZe Temperrr start?

KSI vs FaZe Temperrr gets underway at around 10pm UK time on Saturday, January 14.

This is 5pm ET in the US.

What is the KSI vs FaZe Temperrr full card?

A HUGE card has been unveiled for the show, including Elle Brooke’s boxing return.

FaZe Temperrr was originally scheduled to face a mystery opponent, who’d have been announced on his ring walk.

  • MAIN EVENT: KSI vs FaZe Temperrr
  • Slim vs Tom Zanetti
  • Anthony Taylor vs Idris Virgo
  • Ryan Taylor vs Swarmz
  • Salt Papi vs Josh Brueckner
  • Joe Fournier vs Anthony Christodoulou
  • Elle Brooke vs Faith Ordway

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You can’t train boxing without fighting. It takes hard work to improve your boxing technique. If you put in the work, you will see improvements in your boxing technique, speed and endurance as well as strength and stamina.

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How do beginners train to become boxers?

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