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Logan Paul is a tool with no moral compass who stands for NOTHING, slams Sonny Bill Williams in blistering attack

, Logan Paul is a tool with no moral compass who stands for NOTHING, slams Sonny Bill Williams in blistering attack

SONNY BILL WILLIAMS slammed Logan Paul as a “tool” with “no moral compass” as he poured cold water on a potential fight.

The All Black legend-turned heavyweight boxer hit out at Paul following the YouTube star’s visit to Australia for a UFC event.

Logan Paul was slammed by Sonny Bill Williams

Sonny Bill Williams was knocked out by Mark Hunt

Williams tweeted: “Just listened to a talk on who’s popular with the youth today & @LoganPaul name came up.

“I observed how he carried himself @ the ufc event in Perth & wasn’t impressed.

“A man that stands for nothing will fall for anything – that’s the category I put guys like this in.”

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Paul was in Australia following the sponsorship deal with his hydration drink Prime and the UFC.

Williams, a 9-1 as a boxer, was then challenged to call out Paul but the rugby World Cup winner responded: “No I don’t want to fight him.

“I just don’t want my sons to be like him or all the other tools or so called influencers that have no moral compass.

“I don’t need anyone in this world besides my creator.”


Williams, 37, last boxed in November but was knocked out by ex-UFC heavyweight Mark Hunt, 48, suffering defeat in the ring for the first time.

At that point, he was linked with a bout against Paul’s brother Jake, 26, who also recently lost against Tommy Fury, 23.

Paul himself has not fought since taking boxing legend Floyd Mayweather, 46, the distance in their June 2021 exhibition.

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Before that, he drew to KSI, 29, in a similar non-sanctioned bout in 2018 but lost the rematch when they turned professional a year on.

The former rivals are now business partners following the successful launch of Prime.

Paul was meant to make his boxing return in January on KSI’s Misfits promotion but a knee injury while starring in the WWE ruled him out.

Although the American confirmed he will fight again this year.

, Logan Paul is a tool with no moral compass who stands for NOTHING, slams Sonny Bill Williams in blistering attack
KSI and Logan Paul at UFC 284 in Perth

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits to learning how to box?

These are the reasons you need to learn how box.

  • It builds confidence. Boxing will teach you how to deal with bullies and other bullies.
  • It improves your health. Boxing helps build muscle mass. Muscle mass is what makes you stronger.
  • It helps you to learn self-defense skills. Learning how to fight is the first step to protecting yourself.
  • It helps you develop your mental toughness. Mental toughness is vital when facing difficult situations.
  • You feel accomplished. Once you have mastered a technique, you will feel like a true boxer.
  • It’s fun! It’s fun!
  • It’s cheap. All you need is a pair of boxing gloves and a punching bag.
  • It doesn’t require much space

How long does it take for you to learn boxing

Boxing takes approximately 3 months to learn. This includes learning basic skills like footwork and stance. Boxing isn’t just about throwing punches. You also need to learn how to block and dodge attacks.

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Can I train boxing without fighting?

Training boxing requires fighting. It is important to put in the effort to improve your boxing. You will be able to improve your boxing technique and endurance.

Watching good boxers fight is the first step to improving your boxing technique. It is important to observe their movements, their defenses, and how well they use punches. Then, copy their tactics.

Next, you’ll need to spar against another boxer. This is where your ability to improve your boxing technique will be revealed. You’ll notice how fast and strong you punch, as well as how effective you are at blocking incoming punches, when you spar.

Finally, you’ll need to practice your boxing skills by doing drills. It takes practice to become a master boxer, so persevere and be patient.

How do you practice boxing punches?

A punching bag is used for practicing boxing punches. The bag is used to practice boxing punches until you feel confident. Next, move on to the next section of your body. Once you feel at ease with one area you will move on.

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  • You want to be running at roughly 75-80% of your top speed..5 mile slow, easy recovery jog at the end.[6]X Research source 2Mix in long runs, shadow boxing, and short sprints on non-interval days. (
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How to setup a Boxing Gym at my House

A common question that people ask is how to set up a gym for boxing. Many people wonder how much money to spend on equipment, what space is necessary, how many staff they require, etc. The cost of starting a business can be affected by many factors. Location, type of business and number of employees are all important factors. But one thing that most people forget is the importance of having good equipment. If you don’t have any equipment then you cannot get started. Here are some tips for setting up a boxing school in your home.

  1. You will need somewhere to train. The space you need to train can be found in the garage, basement and spare rooms, as well as in the living room. Only thing is that the equipment must have enough space.
  2. A punching bag or two is necessary. This is important as you won’t learn how to punch without one. It can be anything, from a lightweight plastic bag to an expensive leather bag. It must be big enough for you to carry it comfortably. Also make sure that it is sturdy and durable so that you can use it for years to come.
  3. You will need a mat. Matting is used for protecting floors and walls during kick practice. It is usually made out of foam rubber. You can buy them online and offline.
  4. A bench is necessary. A bench is used to support your back while you do pushups. These can be bought online or in stores. Be sure to select the right size.
  5. You need a speedbag. Speedbags allow you to make quick hand movements. You can buy them from either online or offline shops. Be sure to buy quality products that last.
  6. A headgear will be necessary. The headgear protects your head during sparring sessions. It can be purchased from online stores or offline stores. Be sure to find the perfect fit and protect your face.
  7. Gloves are essential. Gloves are needed to protect your hands during sparring sessions. These gloves can be bought online or in stores. Find the right pair for you.
  8. A mouthpiece is necessary. Mouthpieces protect your teeth when sparring takes place. You can purchase these online or offline stores. You should choose the pair that best suits you and your needs.
  9. A ring is necessary. Rings are used in real fight simulations. You can buy them online or offline. Make sure that it has padding on both sides so that you aren’t injured during sparring sessions.
  10. You will need to have a towel. To wipe away sweat after each session, towels are necessary. You can find them at your local sporting goods shop or online. Be sure they are soft, absorbent, and comfortable.




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