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Masked thugs jailed for robbing Amir Khan of £72k diamond watch in dramatic gunpoint raid in front of crying wife

MASKED thugs who robbed Amir Khan of his £72,000 diamond watch in a gunpoint raid in front of his crying wife have today been jailed.

The boxer, 36, was left terrified as a gunman ran at him and demanded he “take off the watch”.

Amir Khan has a gun pointed at him

The boxer was targeted while out with his wife Faryal

Khan had been out for dinner with wife Faryal, 31, and friend Omar Khalid at the Sahara Grill in Leyton, East London, when the robbery took place.

Dante Campbell, 20, and Ahmed Bana, 26, have now been jailed after admitting conspiracy to rob and possession of an imitation firearm.

Campbell was given a seven year and nine month sentence while getaway driver Bana was jailed for nine years and eight months.

Ahmed Bana, Nurul Amin and Ismail Mohammed, all 25, were previously cleared of conspiracy to commit robbery.

In a victim impact statement, Khan told the court how the robbery affected his life.

He added: “I am very fearful of going out particularly in London.

“I avoid coming back to London, which I find sad because it’s where I grew up and spent my life.

“I am constantly looking over my shoulder. I am very wary of people, even fans and friendly people who approach.

“I was previously very friendly. I never said no to a fan who wanted to chat or take a photo.”

Wife Faryal added: “I keep thinking that we could have been shot.”

Shocking footage showed the moment Khan was robbed in the packed high street.

The former world boxing champion could be seen smiling at first as he left the restaurant with his wife.

He then crosses the road to get in a car driven by Omar when two men get out of a silver Mercedes coupe.

A hooded man then runs towards Khan and raises his arm to point the gun at the boxer, who hands over his watch.

The robbers then fled in the Mercedes, which was being driven by Bana.

Khan previously revealed his horror as he told how he was left staring down the barrel of a gun.

He said: “I am a sportsman, a fighter, I have been put in the toughest situations but this is something different, this is really really scary.

“When he put the gun to my face I couldn’t recognise him because he had a mask on. I looked away because I didn’t want him to pull the trigger.

“I didn’t know what he wanted at first, then he said ‘take off your watch’. When he said ‘take off your watch’ that’s when he hit me straight away.

“I took it off straight away and that’s when I handed it to him.”

Khan also told how Faryal was left “screaming and crying” following the horror.

He told the court the rose-gold diamond encrusted watch, estimated to be worth £72,000, was given to him after he won a boxing fight.

In April, Khan revealed the watch had been returned to him as he thanked the Met Police.

He also revealed his plans to auction the watch off to “raise funds for the less fortunate”.

Some of the proceeds will be donated to addressing gun and knife crime in the UK.

Khan can be seen smiling as he leaves the restaurant moments before the robbery

He said his wife was ‘screaming and crying’

His £72k diamond-encrusted watch was taken

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