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Meet Faith Ordway, TikTok sensation with 4.6m followers who takes on Elle Brooke in boxing fight on KSI undercard

FAITH ORDWAY is the social media star with millions of followers who fights Elle Brooke on KSI’s undercard.

KSI returns to the ring on Saturday at Wembley Arena, against YouTube rival Faze Temperrr.

Faith Ordway is the social media star who fights Elle Brooke

Faith Ordway shot to fame on TikTok

The American has 4.3m TikTok followers

Opening the DAZN pay-per-view card are glamorous pair Ordway, 21, and Brooke, 24.

Brooke is an OnlyFans model, who beat ex-Love Islander AJ Bunker, 28, on her boxing debut in July.

Now Ordway prepares for her first fight too, taking on Manchester City fan Brooke.

The American shot to fame on TikTok, where she has 4.6m followers and collaborated with the likes of Charli D’Amelio.

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Ordway has won the praise of fans online after posting an impressive video hitting pads in the gym.

But she will have her work cut out against Brooke, who trains with IBF world champion Ebanie Bridges, 36.

And Aussie Bridges was full of praise for her sparring partner.

She said on  Matchroom’s end of year review: “My friend Elle Brooke, I see her in the gym for the last four-five months, she’s never put on a glove before.

“I’ve seen her come in the gym every single day, work just as hard as all of us, she’s so dedicated and she’s so disciplined.

“She listens, just because of the whole YouTube fame and the TokTik fame and all of that stuff, doesn’t mean she doesn’t take it seriously because she’s fallen in love with it and she does take it seriously.

“The only difference is, instead of doing the amateurs like you would when you first start out and put on gloves and no one sees it, these TikTokers and YouTubers are having their first few fights with like this huge audience.

“So we’re looking at them going, ‘Oh, they can’t box, they can’t do this and that.’ Of course they can’t, they’re novices.”

Elle Brooke fights Faith Ordway

Faith Ordway will be making her boxing debut

Faith Ordway and Elle Brooke open the DAZN PPV

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