Mike Tyson insists humans domesticated lions and cheetahs and ancient kings used to hunt with wild cats

LEGENDARY boxer Mike Tyson insists humans domesticated wild animals including lions and cheetahs.

And he also says ancient kings used to hunt alongside the big cats in days gone by.

Mike Tyson claims humans domesticated wild animals
Tyson famously owned three Bengal tigers

Tyson, 54, made the comments on an episode of his Hotboxin’ podcast with Cesar Milan, host of TV show The Dog Whisperer.

Tyson, who returned to the ring in an exhibition against Roy Jones Jr in November, said: “We had, you know, at one time in life, man had to have been rolling with a pack of lions.

“There’s no way that couldn’t have happened, it had to happen.

“You see how domesticated they had them, now imagine history you know.

“The time they had to roll together, there’s no way they had to hunt with another.

“That sounds crazy, there’s no way that couldn’t have happened.”

Tyson has made no secret of his love for wild animals in the past.

Iron Mike infamously owned three Bengal tigers during his fighting heyday – which each one reportedly costing £48,000.


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The former ‘Baddest Person on the Planet’ formed a special relationship with the exotic beasts.

Tyson would take them for walks on leads and even play-fight with them.

He also once offered a zookeeper £9,000 to let him tussle with a huge silverback gorilla.

And Iron Mike even had to pay a trespasser a cool £200k after one of his animals ‘f***** up’ her hand badly.

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