Mike Tyson reveals how he turned life around by giving up cocaine and drinking five-years-ago after being ‘zoned out’

MIKE TYSON revealed he turned his life around by giving up cocaine and drinking alcohol after being ‘zoned out’.

The heavyweight legend made a remarkable comeback last November as he fought for the first time in 15 years.

Mike Tyson admitted he was ‘zoned out’ while on drugs
Mike Tyson pictured after his comeback fight

Tyson returned as a reformed fighter, dramatically transforming his body with a strict diet and training regime.

But it was his ability to walk away from consuming substances that paved the way for Iron Mike to enjoy a clean and healthy lifestyle.

He appeared on Below the Belt, and host Brendan Schaub noted how different the 54-year-old was compared to their last meeting, five years ago.

Tyson said: “That must of been my cocaine days.

“That was probably just a day I zoned out.

“I stopped doing cocaine and drinking, I’m serious man, everything changed, my whole life.”

Tyson has opened up in the past on his drinking and drug habits while he fought as one of the most popular boxers on the planet.

And his prime athletic years were lost to addiction and a three-year prison term, started in 1992, for a rape he still fiercely denies.

Mike Tyson’s incredible bodyweight workout routine

He even took cocaine and cannabis moments before walking out to fight Lou Savarese in 2000, which he won in just 38 seconds.

His substance abuse then carried on after retiring from the sport in 2005.

But, Tyson revealed to Schaub he stopped drinking and taking cocaine prior to the success of his Hotboxin podcast, launched in early 2019.

The former two-time champion still smokes marijuana and has his own cannabis empire with businessman Rob Hickman.

Tyson revealed before his comeback fight that his wife inspired him to start training again in order to lose weight.

And after putting in the work, it inspired him to lace up the gloves again having previously been approached for a return.

Mike Tyson drew with Roy Jones Jr in an exhibition

He went on to draw with fellow legend Roy Jones Jr, 52, in an eight round exhibition, selling a reported £1.6million pay-per-views.

Tyson plans to fight again this year and said he is ‘willing to die in the ring’ in order to reach ‘God status.

He explained: “I’m born to do this.

“I’m born to do this, ’til I reach God status. I’m just born to do this man.

“Dying (in the ring). That’s real talk man. That’s real talk. I don’t even know why I became this way.

“This is just what it is, this is how I’m built. I don’t know why.”

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