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Mike Tyson shares FaceTime call with Derek Chisora after Brit’s brutal trilogy fight loss to Tyson Fury

DEREK CHISORA shared a FaceTime call with heavyweight legend Mike Tyson after his brutal loss to Tyson Fury.

Chisora was dismantled in ten rounds at Tottenham’s stadium, losing for the THIRD time against Fury.

Mike Tyson on FaceTime with Derek Chisora

The veteran fan-favourite – who refused to retire – was left with gruesomely bloodshot eyes just days after the savage stoppage.

But Chisora, 38, was all smiles as he spoke on the phone with boxing’s youngest heavyweight champion of all time.

Fury, 34, first beat his old friend in 2011 and then 2014 but saved the best till last.

He left Chisora spitting blood but the rugged Londoner has no plans to call it quits in his career.

He said:  “The ref was right, I was not doing much.

“Fighters never want to stop but that’s why the refs are there, because we have to go home to our kids.

“It was fun, I did enjoy it. I’m not retiring yet. f*** that s***. I want to go on the road now for more fights.”

Promoter Eddie Hearn has had Chisora headline several of his pay-per-view and subscriptions fights.


And Hearn believes with the heavyweight refusing to step down a level in competition, it should signal the end of his storied road.

He told iD Boxing: “You’re putting him in tough fights for a lot of money and I don’t think he should be in those fights necessarily anymore after a payday like that and after getting beat like that.

“So in my opinion, I think it would be a good time for him to step away. But Derek’s his own man and he’s a great man.

“And he will make the decision with his family.”

Derek Chisora was stopped in ten rounds in his trilogy fight with Tyson Fury

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