Mike Tyson will KILL Logan Paul and YouTuber and brother Jake are ‘conning’ boxing world, slams Tim Witherspoon

YOUTUBE stars Logan and Jake Paul have been slammed for ‘conning the boxing public’ by former heavyweight champion Tim Witherspoon.

And Witherspoon, who retired in 2003, claimed good friend Mike Tyson would KILL eldest Logan if their rumoured fight comes to fruition.

Heavyweight legend Mike Tyson after his comeback
Jake Paul, left, pictured with his older brother Logan

He told SunSport: “I think they should separate that type of entertainment so everybody knows it’s only exhibitions.

“It’s a shame that those two brothers are running up there and disrespecting boxers who have really worked hard.

“You know what, there is nobody who is in the top ten current ranking that these brothers are fighting, those brothers know what they’re doing they’re trying to get top guys on TV who are no longer in their peak or non boxers.

“But majority of the people know that they’re not going to win against a top ten ranked real boxer. Mike Tyson will kill him.

“He’s not going to be able to do anything to Mike. Mike’s going to kill him. Mike might not even hurt him; Mike might get in there and play with him.

“So it’s not real serious stuff. And the commission allowed this stuff.”


Tyson, 55, returned last November after 15 years out and drew in an exhibition with Roy Jones Jr, 52, and has been in talks with Logan.

The social media sensation and his brother both stepped foot out of their prior professions for boxing exhibitions in 2018.

Since then, Jake, 24, has gone 4-0 and fights the younger brother of heavyweight champ Tyson Fury, 32, Tommy, 22, on December 18.

But it will be his first opponent with prior professional boxing experience.

He has previously beaten YouTuber ‘AnEsonGib’, ex-NBA player Nate Robinison, 37, Ben Askren, 37, and Tyron Woodley, 39, both formerly of the UFC.

Logan, 26, lost his pro debut to online rival KSI in 2019, a year after they drew in a white collar bout.

But in June he returned in a extraordinary exhibition with boxing legend Floyd Mayweather, 44, which ended without a winner as it went the distance.

Witherspoon, who won the heavyweight title twice, hit out at Logan’s and Jake’s boxing records and their opposition up until now.

He said: “The Paul brothers should be made to fight guys in the top ten, the Logans won’t even win.

“They’re conning the boxing public and community and I think it’s a shame.

“There’s no way these brothers can really beat the top boxers in a real match.

“So, they’re misleading a lot of the boxing community, they’re not real boxers.”

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