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OnlyFans star Elle Brooke faces off against giant opponent ahead of next fight leaving fans in hysterics

ONLYFANS star Elle Brooke’s face off with her giant next opponent left fans in hysterics.

Elle will fight influencer Ms. Ola Danielka on April 22 at Wembley Arena in the KingPyn High Stakes tournament.

Elle Brooke’s next competitor towers over her

Elle faces Ms. Ola Danielka next

The height difference was exaggerated by the huge heels worn by Ola

Ellie Brooke is an OnlyFans star

Elle is a huge Man City fan

Fighters were randomly put into two groups and the quarter-final draw matched the 24-year-old Brit with the Polish competitor.

The duo faced off as glares quickly became laughter due to the huge height difference between the two.

Elle is just 5ft 1in and Ola towered over her, leaving fans it stitches.

One said: “Gonna be punching her belly button.”

Another commented: “The body shots will be there for Elle.”

Despite Ola being considerably taller, the height difference was exaggerated by her wearing huge heels on stage.

The KingPyn event has been described as the “biggest influencer tournament on the planet” and sees eight woman and eight men battle it out across three events to be named the best.

Elle is the heavy favourite after beating AJ Bunker and Faith Ordway in her two fights so far.

She has also been training with IBF bantamweight title holder and friend Ebanie Bridges.

Ahead of her next bout, Elle said to the Polish Love Island star: “I like the challenge. You’re beautiful, but I wouldn’t mind smashing your face in.

“I’m 5’1, I’m always gonna be the shorter woman.

“But I’ve always been prepping to spar someone taller. She’s a lot slimmer build so hopefully she’s a lot less stronger and you can just bully her in the ring.

“It’s gonna be a challenge. I’m here to set out that I am the best pound for pound female influencer boxer and that’s exactly what I’m gonna do.”

Also stepping into the ring at KingPyn is 6ar6ie6, Daniella Hemsley, Amber O’Donnell, Whitney Johns, Jully Poca and Elle’s sister Emily.

Elle Brooke has a 2-0 record in the ring

She often gets the pulses of fans racing with revealing uploads on social media

Brooke has 660,000 followers on Instagram

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