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OnlyFans-star-turned boxer Elle Brooke drops F-bomb during in-ring interview on live TV after outpointing Ola Danielka

, OnlyFans-star-turned boxer Elle Brooke drops F-bomb during in-ring interview on live TV after outpointing Ola Danielka

ONLYFANS stunner Elle Brooke turned the airwaves blue – dropping the F-bomb during an in-ring interview on live TV.

The blonde beauty, 25, squared up against Ola Danielka – controversially winning Saturday night’s bout at the “High Stakes” show at the OVO Arena Wembley for promoters Kingpyn on points.

Elle Brooke was the victor in her High Stakes bout against Ola Danielka

Many felt Danielka was robbed as Brooke’s arm was raised

After the fight, Brooke was quizzed about her performance.

Gesturing to one of her team to remove her gloves, the stunner started: “Can someone take these off at the same time,” before revealing, “I’m f****** knackered.”

She continued: “It was tough. I thought I would get the knockout, but I don’t think any woman has tonight, so… it’s a good tournament.

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“She can take a punch. I mean, she really, really, really can take a punch and she’s relentless.

“She was probably the second aggressive tonight, she held her composure, and she didn’t turn around once. Tough cookie.”

Judges scored the encounter 49-46 in Brooke’s favour.

However, on Twitter fans believe that Danielka was robbed.

One wrote: “Elle Brooke was losing that fight how did she win? Rigged.”

A second tweeted: How on earth has Elle Brooke won that @kingpynboxing? Feels like it’s just because she’s the big name and will make more money in the next fight.”

A third agreed with that sentiment: “You’re spot on mate. The whole promo was only Elle Brooke. This is for some reason the Elle Show and the fans don’t care about this OF girl. Danielka won that.”

Before that victory, Brooke had two boxing matches under her belt against AJ Bunker and Faith Ordway, stopping the latter in the first round.

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, OnlyFans-star-turned boxer Elle Brooke drops F-bomb during in-ring interview on live TV after outpointing Ola Danielka
Saucy Brooke has made her name as an OnlyFans model

, OnlyFans-star-turned boxer Elle Brooke drops F-bomb during in-ring interview on live TV after outpointing Ola Danielka
Brooke recently made the transition into boxing

In preparation, she has also been training with IBF Bantamweight champion Ebanie Bridges.

The ‘High Stakes’ tournament went ahead, despite fears it would be cancelled after the PBA revoked the license of Kingpyn.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you box punches properly?

A punching bag can be used to practice boxing punches. The bag is used to practice boxing punches until you feel confident. Next, you’ll move on to the next part of your body. Once you feel you are comfortable in one area, you can move on to another.

Can I box without fighting?

Boxing is not possible without fighting. You have to work hard to become a better boxer. If you put in the work, you will see improvements in your boxing technique, speed and endurance as well as strength and stamina.

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The first step towards improving your boxing technique is to watch some good boxers fight. Watch how they move, how they throw punches, and how they defend themselves. Then try to imitate their techniques.

Next, you’ll have to spar against another opponent boxer. This is where you’ll see whether you’ve improved your boxing technique. You’ll notice how fast and strong you punch, as well as how effective you are at blocking incoming punches, when you spar.

Finally, practice your skills by performing drills. Practice makes perfect, so be patient and persistent.

How do I practice boxing alone?

If you are looking to box with a partner but don’t want to train, you can just watch the professional boxing matches on TV. Or you can find an amateur boxing club near you. Amateur boxing clubs often hold regular training sessions. These sessions are often attended by sparring partners who share the same pads.

Punching bags are another option for practicing boxing. Before you hit the bag, make sure to wear protective gear like boxing gloves.

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  • You want to be running at roughly 75-80% of your top speed..5 mile slow, easy recovery jog at the end.[6]X Research source 2Mix in long runs, shadow boxing, and short sprints on non-interval days. (
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How to learn to box for exercise

How to Learn to Box for Exercise

Learning boxing will help you improve your self-confidence and physical fitness. Boxing is the most well-known sport in the world. It requires strength and speed as well agility, coordination, balance, power, and accuracy.

It’s a great way for you to feel fit and healthy. You’ll enjoy it so much, you’ll want more.

There are many options for boxing training. Some are held at health clubs or gyms, while others can be done at home. You can also take online courses that allow you access from anywhere in this world.

Make sure you choose a program that meets your needs and is compatible with your lifestyle. Exercises that build muscle mass, flexibility, endurance, cardiovascular endurance, and improve overall well-being are the best.

You should also consider whether you prefer a beginner’s course or a more advanced one. Beginner’s programs usually teach basic techniques and drills such as shadowboxing, sparring, mitt work, and punching combinations. Advanced programs often cover more complex movements, and include a greater variety of exercises.

The beginner’s program usually lasts around 8 weeks and costs less than $100. These programs do not provide guidance about nutrition, weight, injury prevention or any other aspect of boxing training.

Advanced programs typically last six months and cost around $300. They often include nutritional advice, stretching routines, warm-up exercises, and instruction on proper technique. Some programs also include resistance training (e.g. lifting weights) or aerobic conditioning (e.g. running).

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