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Otto Wallin gives fellow southpaw Oleksandr Usyk tips on how to fight Tyson Fury after giving WBC champ 47 stitches

, Otto Wallin gives fellow southpaw Oleksandr Usyk tips on how to fight Tyson Fury after giving WBC champ 47 stitches

OTTO WALLIN has slashed Oleksandr Usyk’s chances of beating Tyson Fury – but offered his advice on how to best fight the Gypsy King.

Wallin took Fury to the brink of defeat in 2019 – causing him 47 stitches – and only narrowly missing out on a technical knockout.

Tyson Fury beat Otto Wallin in 2019

Oleksandr Usyk is in talks to fight Tyson Fury

But the British heavyweight hero showed his class as he fought on to a points victory with blood streaming into his eyes and face.

Fury has since won and defended the WBC title, putting him in line for a historic unification bout against Usyk.

The Ukrainian is set to become the first southpaw since Wallin to face Fury and has received some words of wisdom.

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Wallin told SunSport: “Fury is big, he has a long reach so Usyk needs to take that away, he needs to stay on him, be aggressive and hit that body. 

“Fury has a big body and good upper movement so Usyk has to hit the body, and when he gets inside he must be careful. 

“He can’t let Fury tie him up, lean on him, he was doing that to me and it took some energy out of me. 

“So I think for Usyk to be successful he needs to use his angles like he does, use his jab and hit Fury’s body a lot.” 

Fury, 34, and Usyk, 35, are closing in on a deal to finalise the first four-belt undisputed title decider in heavyweight history.

And Wallin, who returns on Friday against Mexico’s Helaman Olguin, expects the big man to come out on top.

He predicted: “I think Usyk is a really good fighter and he proved that against Joshua he is big enough for the division. 

“I thought he was going to be too small for Joshua but he did a really good job.

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“But, at the same time Fury is the favourite for me. He’s a big guy, a really good boxer who can be aggressive too.

“I think Fury is a smart fighter, he’s confident and he has the tools to beat Usyk, I think on points.” 

, Otto Wallin gives fellow southpaw Oleksandr Usyk tips on how to fight Tyson Fury after giving WBC champ 47 stitches
Otto Wallin backs Tyson Fury to beat Oleksandr Usyk

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How do beginners train to become boxers?

Although boxing is one of oldest sports, its popularity has increased only recently. Two fighters are matched up in boxing. They punch each other until one fighter falls down.

It is important to decide if you like boxing before you can start training to become a fighter. You can try watching some fights on YouTube and see how it feels to hit someone. After you have decided whether or not you want to be a boxer you will need to decide which type of fighting you prefer.

What is Boxing and how does it work?

Boxing is an intense sport in which two people attempt to knock their opponent out by hitting them in both the head or face. The object of boxing is to hit an opponent as hard as possible without hurting yourself. For this to happen, both boxers have to be able and willing to throw punches at a high rate of speed. They must also be able to coordinate their hand-eye movements.

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How long does it take for boxers to train each day?

Boxing trainers usually work out at least 4 hours a day. They learn new moves and practice their punches. Boxers often spar up to 10 times a week.

How can I practice boxing without a partner?

If you are looking to box with a partner but don’t want to train, you can just watch the professional boxing matches on TV. Or you can find an amateur boxing club near you. Amateur boxing clubs often hold regular training sessions. These sessions typically involve sparring partners, who often hit pads together.

You can also practice boxing using punching bags. Just make sure that you’re wearing protective gear such as boxing gloves before hitting the bag.

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How to learn to box to exercise

How to learn to box for exercise

You learn boxing to increase your physical fitness and self-confidence. Boxing is the most well-known sport in the world. It requires strength and speed as well agility, coordination, balance, power, and accuracy.

Boxing is a great way of getting fit and feeling good about yourself. It will be a fun activity that you will want to do again and again.

There are many options for boxing training. Some take place at gyms or health clubs while others require you to train at home. There are also online courses which allow you to study from anywhere in the world.

Make sure you choose a program that meets your needs and is compatible with your lifestyle. The best programs focus on exercises that increase muscle mass, flexibility and cardiovascular endurance. They also promote overall well being.

Consider whether you prefer a beginner or advanced course. Basic techniques and drills are taught in beginner’s programs. These include shadowboxing and sparring, mittwork, and punching combinations. Advanced programs typically offer a wider variety of exercises and cover more complex movements.

Beginners’ programs generally last around eight weeks and cost less than $100. However, they do not offer guidance on nutrition, weight reduction, injury prevention, or any other aspects of boxing training.

Advanced programs can last up to six months, and usually cost about $300. They may include nutritional advice, stretching, warm-up exercises and instruction on proper technique. Some programs offer resistance training (such lifting weights) as well as aerobic conditioning (such running).

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