Paige VanZant’s opponent Britain Hart reveals her TOOTH was knocked out in brutal fight despite beating ex-UFC star

BRITAIN HART revealed Paige VanZant knocked out her TOOTH despite beating the ex-UFC star.

VanZant was outpointed on her anticipated Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship debut.

Paige VanZant knocked out Britain Hart’s tooth

But she did leave her mark in the five, two-minute round bout after knocking out one of her opponent’s teeth.

Hart – who also lost a tooth against Bec Rawlings in July 2019 – made the reveal in her post-fight interview.

She said: “This is awesome. This is as big as you make it.

“Bec Rawlings knocked my teeth back in BKFC 2. Paige VanZant you knocked my teeth out.

“I made this moment about the people who believed, not the people who didn’t believe.”

Punch stats revealed VanZant threw 146 shots compared to Hart’s 150.

But the former UFC flyweight, 26, was more accurate, landing five more with 61.

In the post-fight press conference Hart – who has had 11 pro boxing bouts and four in bare-knuckle – admitted VanZant was her hardest-hitting opponent.

The 31-year-old said: “I hope the boss man fixes my teeth again. That would be nice.

“I started off with crooked teeth, then Bec helped get them really straight and Paige, credit to her.

“I’ve never been hit as hard as as Paige VanZant hits. I’ll give her that, so everyone got it right whoever said that girl’s got power.

“They were not lying, that’s the hardest I’ve ever been hit.”

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