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Ring girl Apollonia Llewellyn nearly bursts out of leather corset and shows off underboob in bikini in stunning snaps

APOLLONIA LLEWELLYN continues to show off her curves and was almost bursting out of her outfit as she dropped her latest snaps.

The busty boxing ring girl, 23, has become a huge hit after regularly sharing daring pictures and videos to her social media pages.

Apollonia Llewellyn appears to have fallen in love with America after her recent holiday

The 23-year-old then shared this bikini snap that sent her fans wild

The busty ring girl was then almost bursting out of her leather corset in the latest snap

The Leeds-born star is amassing a huge following on social media

She also caught the eye while working for KSI-owned Misfits boxing.

Apollonia, originally from Leeds, uses social media to make her living and has almost 700,000 followers on TikTok and over 550,000 on Instagram.

However, she also hit the headlines recently as she looked to make a few extra quid by flogging some of her dazzling outfits on the Vinted website.

She has continued to provide her ever-growing fan base with some more sexy snaps showing off two of her biggest assets in a tiny blue bikini top while in Miami.

Apollonia is still enjoying herself on her holidays – and it seems she has fallen in love with the American way of life judging by her latest photo drop.

The star was nearly bursting out of her specialised Stars and Stripes bikini in one.

Then she looked amazing again as she shared another, this time in a frilly white number with pink lace, showing off plenty of her underboob.

Then that was followed up with a shot of her posing in a black leather corset, where she was literally bursting out of her outfit.

“So beautiful,” commented one fan as another called her “stunning”.

These photos come after Apollonia had revealed that she has been hit with a TikTok livestreaming ban after alleged “nudity and body exposure” violations during a live video on Thursday.

Speaking to the Daily Star, Apollonia said: “I was wearing a white T-shirt that covered everything with no cleavage on show. It is absolutely ridiculous.

“There was no warning, no nothing. I don’t know where the nudity has come from.

“When it happened I was just so confused and didn’t really understand what was going on and when I clicked on it and it said I had been banned.

“I was shocked because I haven’t done anything wrong. I would understand if I was sitting there in a bikini or whatever but that definitely wasn’t the case.

“I was just getting my make-up done and answering questions, nothing like what they are thinking I have done.

“It is just so frustrating because I was just sitting there in a T-shirt and I could understand it if I was exposed but I was literally completely covered.”

Apollonia has been keeping followers updated with her recent trip to the States

The beautiful blonde has provided plenty of bikini snaps from the trip

Apollonia paid a visit to Las Vegas during her time Stateside

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