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Tommy Fury Calls Out KSI’s Sidemen Pal for Mocking His Daughter’s Name

Tommy Fury vs. Miniminter

Tommy Fury has lashed out at Miniminter, a friend of KSI, for making fun of his daughter Bambi's name.

YouTube Boxing Drama

Tommy Fury, the younger brother of Tyson Fury, recently defeated KSI in a boxing match, but the result was disputed and his appeal was rejected.

Rant on What's Good Podcast

Miniminter, also known as Simon Minter, made comments about Tommy Fury on the What's Good Podcast with Randolph, sparking Fury's anger.

Tommy's Response

Fury took to Instagram to address Miniminter, warning him to keep his daughter's name out of his mouth or face the consequences.

Potential Rematch with Jake Paul

There is speculation about a potential rematch between Tommy Fury and Jake Paul, with significant money on the line for both fighters.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do beginners need to spar in boxing?

For beginners, sparring isn’t necessary. You should consider it only after you have established a strong foundation in the fundamentals and reached a high level of fitness. It’s vital to spar under the supervision of a coach and with proper protective gear to ensure safety and productive learning experiences.

Can I start boxing at any age?

Boxing is a great sport for anyone of any age, provided they are healthy and their doctor has given them clearance. Boxing is a flexible sport that can be tailored to suit people of any age or fitness level.

Can I learn Boxing at Home?

While you can start learning boxing at home through instructional videos or fitness apps, it’s recommended to train at a gym with a qualified coach to ensure you’re mastering the techniques correctly. In addition, boxing clubs provide equipment and allow you to train with others.

What are the basics of boxing punches?

The basic punches of boxing are the jab (a quick straight punch with the lead hand), the cross (a powerful straight punch with the rear hand), the hook (a semicircular punch that is aimed to the side of the opponent’s body or head), and the uppercut.


  • Cardiovascular fitness improvements can be seen after just 12 weeks of consistent boxing training.
  • Surveys reveal that close to 40% of new boxers join the sport for self-defense purposes rather than for competition or fitness.
  • Studies suggest that about 30% of beginner boxers tend to neglect the importance of footwork in their initial training phase.
  • It is estimated that 60% of beginner boxers do not use the correct size gloves, which can increase the risk of injury.
  • On average, beginners who undergo proper boxing training can expect to burn anywhere from 300 to 500 calories per hour.
  • Roughly 75% of beginners do not employ adequate defensive tactics in their first sparring sessions.
  • Women are joining boxing in increasing numbers, rising by about 15% in the past decade, indicating growing gender diversity in the sport.
  • An analysis of boxing workouts demonstrates that participants can maintain a heart rate at 75-85% of their maximum, which is the optimal range for cardiovascular training.
  • Boxing has one of the lowest rates of injury compared to other contact sports, with approximately 1.1 injuries per 1,000 minutes of athletics.
  • Approximately 80% of boxing injuries occur during training, not in actual competition.

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How To

Learn how to master the cross punch in boxing

After the jab comes the crucial cross. You can pivot your back foot in your boxing posture to help your hips and shoulders move forward. As you throw your rear arm straight to the target, rotate your fist palm facing down. Keep your front hand on your face. Crosses should be powerful, but speed and balance are crucial to not leaving yourself vulnerable.