Tommy Fury not cut from same cloth as Tyson and withdrew from Jake Paul fight after ‘partying’, claims former opponent

TOMMY FURY’S former foe Anthony Taylor has sensationally claimed that the Love Island star pulled out of his fight against Jake Paul due to ‘partying’.

The British light-heavyweight withdrew from his bout to face the Problem Child in Florida later this month due to a broken rib and severe chest infection.

Love Island star Tommy Fury pulled out of his fight to face Jake Paul later this month
Fury’s former opponent Anthony Taylor has hit out at TNT for withdrawing from his contest against Paul

Fury, 22, shared an x-ray of the injury he suffered in training, as he revealed that he ‘wasn’t able to breathe’.

But Taylor, who was outpointed by TNT in August, has stated that Fury pulled out due to his physical conditioning following too much partying with his brother Tyson.

Speaking to the Betway Insider blog, he said: “The real reason he’s out of this fight isn’t because of some injury, it’s because of his physical conditioning.

“He was so busy partying with his brother after Tyson won that fight, that he’s now in no good condition to fight. Tommy also originally thought was fighting in February, so he’s now in no condition to fight.

“Tommy is still green at this moment. And he’s still young. Jake is in the gym all the time, while Tommy’s was probably out still celebrating.

“Tommy did not have a really full training camp for this. He thought he was guaranteed the win because he’s from a fighting family.


“But let me tell you, if this fight with Jake ever does get made, Tommy is in for a rude awakening!”

Tyson had declared last month how Tommy could beat the YouTuber-turned boxer with broken ribs, a busted left hand, two left feet and the flu.

But following his withdrawal from his contest with Paul, 24, Taylor insisted that he isn’t cut from the same cloth as the WBC heavyweight champion.

He added: “You heard what Tyson Fury said? He said, ‘Tommy can have a broken arm, broken ribs, one left leg arm tied behind his back, no hands, and on his worst day he would still turn up and beat Jake Paul’.

“He said all of this and now Tommy is pulling out. I’ve been saying this for a long time – Tyson and Tommy are not cut from the same cloth.

“Tyson is that strong Bounty paper towel and Tommy is a cheap toilet tissue… I knew that Tommy was going to pull out.”

Paul, who has branded Tommy as an ’embarrassment’ for withdrawing, will now face former UFC welterweight champ Tyron Woodley in a rematch.

Paul will now face rival Tyron Woodley in a rematch in Florida on December 18

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