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Tyron Woodley vows to KO Jake Paul inside three rounds as he promises YouTuber will get ‘f***ed up’ in brutal prediction

TYRON WOODLEY has vowed to knock out Jake Paul inside three rounds in his professional boxing debut.

The former UFC welterweight champion will lock horns with the YouTuber turned boxer on August 28.

Tyron Woodley will lock horns with Jake Paul in a boxing match on August 28
And The Chosen One has vowed to KO the YouTuber

Woodley, 39, goes into his clash with the social media star on the back of four consecutive losses but is adamant he’ll put a beating on the cocksure Problem Child.

When asked to make his prediction for the fight, Woodley told former UFC middleweight champ Michael Bisping: “I think [round] three.

“First round sounds cocky, sounds dope, but I just know that if I’m fighting Tyron Woodley, everyone is going to tell him to cover up, weather the storm, clinch him, grab him, keep him away from you, stay at distance, watch out for the right hand.

“I’ve got to set a couple traps, so I may need a round or two to set some traps, see what he responds to, and I think third round I should be able to clean up the deal.”

Woodley has had to endure a barrage of trash talk from the younger Paul brother, who he faced off with earlier this month.

And The Chosen One is relishing the opportunity to silence the former Disney star, who he reckons is being hyped up by his team.


How Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley compare ahead of their boxing match

The Missouri mauler said: “At the end of the day, he’s going to get beat up.

“He’s going to get knocked out.

“Hopefully, it’s not too bad because what’s happening is, his people are gassing him up that he can win; he accepted this fight, and I was very surprised he accepted this fight.

“They’re gassing him up, and they’re giving him that, ‘You’ve got the power, he’s old, he ain’t won a fight a million years, you the younger, more hungry, he’s taking you lightly, you can beat him.’

“They’re lying to this kid, and they’re gonna get him f***ed up.”

Paul, 24, is 3-0 as a professional boxer following stoppage wins over AnEson Gib, Nate Robinson and former UFC welterweight Ben Askren.

Jake Paul has vowed to stop Tyron Woodley inside two rounds

The BJ Flores trained cruiserweight is brimming with confidence ahead of his clash with the MMA vet and reckons he’ll take out The Chosen One inside two rounds.

He wrote on Instagram: “Tyron ran his mouth a little too much in the locker room when I knocked out his best friend Ben and earned himself a top spot on the Problem Child death list.

“Tyron’s a seasoned striker who has fought the best MMA fighters in the world but will be dropped by a Disney teen star in 2 rounds.

“Maybe this time Dana White will actually be a man of his word and put his money on his former champion instead of trying to undermine my success like a jealous ex.

“Influencer vs MMA….let’s get it on. It’s Showtime.”