Tyson Fury carries cross barefoot on seafront to celebrate Easter as champ prepares for Anthony Joshua

TYSON FURY carried a CROSS barefoot along the seafront to mark Easter.

On Good Friday, the day that Christians believe Jesus died after being crucified on a cross, Fury walked out to pay his own respect.

Tyson Fury shared a video on Instagram of him carrying a cross to mark Easter
Fury was also barefoot as he walked on the seafront

The WBC heavyweight boxing champion of the world is a Christian and has previously thanked Jesus and God for helping achieve greatness in the sport.

Fury shared a video on Instagram that shows him carrying a wooden cross at the seaside.

It could be that of his Morecambe home, but he didn’t geo-tag the exact location.

Fury is keeping up his training routine as he prepares for a mouthwatering undisputed clash against fellow Brit Anthony Joshua.

The two champions have agreed a two-fight deal – and Fury’s dad wants Part I to happen in June.

John Fury is eager for his son to face AJ a month earlier than what promoter Eddie Hearn has touted – in a ‘warm-up’ fight.

The WBC champion’s old man said in an Instagram video: “This is a video to Eddie Hearn and all his supporters of AJ.

“We’re not bothered about Anthony Joshua one iota. And here’s what you can do: if he wants to fight in June, get it ready for June, Eddie.

The Gypsy King has regularly thanked God throughout his boxing career

“We’ll take him as a warm-up fight, him. We value Anthony Joshua that much we’ll take him as a warm-up fight in June.

“So get your arse in gear, getting everything [that] needs doing done and we’ll take him in June.”

John is adamant The Gypsy King, 32, will fight twice this year.

The 56-year-old continued: “We’ll have the first fight with him.

“Because Tyson is fighting twice this year, but we’d like AJ to be the first on the butcher’s block.

“So get your arse in gear, mate. Wave your magic wand and let’s get this fight started.

“Because nobody is bothered about you or AJ in any way, shape or form.

“AJ, up first, chopping block, June. And if you can’t put up, shut up. Do that.”

Tyson Fury is in sensational shape ahead of his Battle of Britain against Anthony Joshua

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