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Tyson Fury Gives Joseph Parker Tips to Beat Deontay Wilder and Predicts an Easy Win

Tyson Fury, the former heavyweight champion, has revealed that he has shared some valuable tips with his friend Joseph Parker on how to defeat Deontay Wilder. Fury, who had a historic trilogy with Wilder, believes that Parker has what it takes to win the upcoming fight in Saudi Arabia.

Fury's Expert Insight

Fury, who defeated Wilder twice in their highly-anticipated matches, has gained expert insight into the American boxer's style and weaknesses. With this knowledge, Fury has advised Parker to avoid getting hit by Wilder's powerful right hand, which is known to be his most devastating weapon. According to Fury, if Parker can successfully dodge the right hand, victory will be within his reach.

Speaking about his tips for Parker, Fury confidently stated, "Avoid the right hand! That's my tip for Parker. What more else can you say? Don't get hit by the right hand and you'll win the fight. Easy day, isn't it? Sounds easy, anyway. I think Parker will do him."

Parker Leans on Fury's Advice

Joseph Parker, who is currently preparing for his fight against Wilder, has been relying on Fury's guidance throughout his training camp. Although Parker acknowledges that he cannot replicate Fury's physical attributes, such as his height and reach, he appreciates the valuable advice given by the former champion.

Parker expressed his gratitude to Fury, saying, "Tyson was able to give me some advice and some knowledge on fighting Deontay Wilder. The only difference is I'm not 6ft 9in with the longest reach, so whatever my strengths are, I have to use them to the best of my ability. He has given me a few pointers and advice, and he's actually helped me with sparring."

With Fury's guidance and support, Parker is confident in his ability to face Wilder and emerge victorious in their upcoming showdown.