Tyson Fury mocks Deontay Wilder with ‘you big dosser’ coronavirus face mask amid claims of injury in sparring

TYSON FURY mocked Deontay Wilder with a ‘you big dosser’ coronavirus face mask ahead of their trilogy bout.

The Gypsy King, 31, who dethroned Wilder, 34, of the WBC title, is signed to face the American for a third time.

Tyson Fury mocked Deontay Wilder with ‘you big dosser’ coronavirusface masks ahead of their trilogy bout

And ahead of their immediate rematch, Fury revealed face masks made to goad Wilder.

He said: “I got the new Deontay Wilder face masks ready for anyone that wants one.

“They are available, you can buy them at Deontay Wilder’s website.”

The jibe comes as Wilder’s sparring partner Junior Fa claimed the beaten ex-champion suffered an injury before his first career loss.

Fa, 30, told Sky Sports: “I was very shocked [by the Wilder defeat]. The lead up and the training was actually really good and Deontay was looking great.

“I think he did hurt himself towards the end of camp, which I don’t think would have played too much into the fight, but then I don’t really know the extent of the damage of the injury that he sustained.”

Asked about the specifics of Wilder’s injury, New Zealander Fa added: “Yes, the bicep injury.

“I don’t know the extent of the damage, but he did hurt it, yeah.

Fury and Wilder are set for a trilogy fight

“What I do know [is] that he did get injured, but I was very surprised by Fury’s game plan. 

“As soon as the fight started, and I saw Fury not really taking a backward step, trying to push Wilder to the ropes, I was thinking, ‘Oh man, this is going to be a hard night for Wilder.’

“Fury just basically did what he said he was going to do, which was stop the biggest puncher in the world.

“That was a very, very good performance from him.”

New Zealander Junior Fa with sparring partner Wilder

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