Tyson Fury ‘really happy’ with first day as trainer to brother Tommy, who says Jake Paul is getting ‘knocked spark out’

TYSON FURY was left ‘really happy’ with his first day as trainer to brother Tommy, who said Jake Paul is getting ‘knocked spark out’.

Fury’s little brother Tommy has signed and confirmed his celebrity grudge match with Paul on December 18 in Florida.

Tyson Fury was left ‘really happy’ with his first day as trainer to brother Tommy
Tommy Fury prediced he will KO Jake Paul in two rounds

The 2019 Love Island star is usually trained and cornered by his dad John, but due to a prior criminal conviction, the father is unable to travel Stateside.

It means WBC heavyweight champion Fury and his coach SugarHill Steward are leading the charge for Tommy’s training camp.

Tommy and his brother had their first day in camp together and the pair were all smiles afterwards.

Fury, 33, said: “Just finished me first day as a trainer. First morning session rather. Really happy with myself the way things went.

“All the boys trained hard. How was it Tommy? How you feeling?”

Tommy, 22, responded: “The run this morning was good. Good leg work, feeling good, feeling fit.

“Trainer T is doing the best job.”

Fury then asked: ‘What’s happening to Jake Paul? To which Tommy replied: “You’re getting knocked spark out. Two rounds.”

The Gypsy King then remarked: “Jake Paul, we’re coming for you.”

Fury was in America to begin training but was forced to fly home, before his first press conference, due to a family emergency.

Paul, 24, still attended the media event and there he questioned whether his rival will be able to live up to the Fury fighting name.

He said: “The beautiful thing about this fight is the unknown. Is he actually a Fury, or will we find out that he’s just a half Fury?

“Does he have the heart like his brother, or is he just living in the shadow of his brother.

“The beautiful thing about this fight is stepping into the unknown, because this is also my first time fighting a real boxer, whatever that means?

“He’s undefeated, he’s young, same age, same weight, same height, so it’s really a perfect match-up.

“We’re just going to see who worked harder, who wants it more and who has that dog inside of them.”

Paul beat ex-UFC champion Tyron Woodley, 39, in his last fight and Tommy won against his sparring partner Anthony Taylor, 32, on the undercard.

The social media influencer previously stopped online rival ‘AnEsonGib’, ex-NBA star Nate Robinson, 37, and retired UFC welterweight Ben Askren, also 37.

But he is entering his third pay-per-view main event and believes Tommy’s inexperience on the big stage will be his downfall on fight night.

Paul said: “He’s only been put in there with opponents that were meant to lose.

“This is his first real test where his opponent isn’t some guy who is just going to flop over.

“He has no idea what he’s getting himself into. This is his first time under the big lights, on the big stage, and he’s going to crack under pressure.”

Jake Paul at his pre-fight press conference

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