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Tyson Fury shows softer side as he’s ‘humbled’ on visit to Bangkok orphanage and shares heartwarming message

TYSON FURY exhibited his softer side during a visit to an orphanage in Bangkok.

The current WBC heavyweight champion has been no stranger to controversy of late having recently called out Francis Ngannou, Joe Rogan and Anthony Joshua on social media.

Fury took a break from his fight camp to visit a Bangkok orphanage

Fury gave out sweets to the kids at the orphanage

Fury was able to exhibit his softer side amid the numerous feuds he’s been recently embroiled in

Fury is on a training camp retreat in Thailand as he prepares for his next fight, whoever that may be against.

Fury alleged that talks with Anthony Joshua’s camp about a fight in August or September collapsed despite him sending a contract to Joshua.

It would appear that Fury’s team favour a fight this summer but are having trouble finding an opponent.

He captioned an Instagram post after beginning training in Thailand with: “Training camp in Thailand is on fire!

“Feeling unstoppable. Sharpening Steel here in TH.

“Who really wants it? I’m searching for opponents who won’t cower away from the Gypsy King. I welcome them. Always ready.”

The failure to make a fight happen with Joshua follows on from Fury’s slated fight with Oleksandr Usyk to unify the heavyweight belts not going ahead.

The fight was set to go ahead in March but Usyk’s team pulled the plug amid accusations that Fury’s camp kept moving the goalposts.


Taking a break from his many social media feuds, Fury visited the HDF Mercy Centre in Bangkok.

Speaking on the experience he wrote on Instagram: “Today was a humbling experience as I visited an orphanage.

“Seeing the smiles on these kids’ faces reminded me of the importance of giving back.

“Spending time with these amazing kids reminded me of the power of love and the importance of giving back.

“As a father, I believe every child deserves a chance at a bright future.”

He went on to quote Nelson Mandela.

He wrote: “As Nelson Mandela once said, ‘There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children.’ “

He added: “It’s not just a responsibility as a heavyweight champion, but also a pillar of my faith in Christianity to help those in need.

“Let’s all remember that every child deserves love, care, and opportunities to thrive.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of boxing gloves?

There are three main types for boxing gloves: mitts or fingerless mitts. Mitten gloves have padding around the knuckles. Fingerless mitts do not have padding around the knuckles, but they still cover the fingers. Full-fingered gloves have padding throughout the entire hand.

For punching with the fist, mittens can be used. For striking or punching with the index finger’s knuckle, mitt gloves can be used. For punching with one fist, full-fingerered boxing gloves can be used.

How can I practice boxing defense by myself?

Boxing is the oldest known martial art. Boxing is also considered to be one of the hardest sports to play. It’s not enough to punch someone in their face and knock them out. You should know how to defend against punches, kicks, and other attacks.

Finding a nearby boxing gym is the first step. Once you have found a suitable place to train you’ll need some gloves or headgear. The gloves protect your hands, while the headgear protects you. You’ll also need to wear shorts and a T-shirt.

Once you have everything you need, you will need to warm up. Begin slowly, then gradually increase your speed. When you feel ready, hit the bag and spar with another boxer. Don’t fret if you don’t succeed. Try again until you get it right.

How long does it take for you to learn boxing

Learning boxing takes around 3 months. This includes learning how to do footwork, stand, and balance. It’s important that you remember that boxing doesn’t only involve throwing punches. You must also learn to block and dodge attacks.


  • It is just like normal sparring with a partner, but you want to throw punches at 75% of your normal speed. (
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How To

These are the basics of boxing

How to effectively box

Boxing is one the most well-known sports in the world. It consists of two opponents who try to knock out each other’s head. Boxing rules vary from one country or another. There are three types: Amateur, Professional, or Olympic boxing.

Amateur boxing usually takes place at school, college and university. This boxing style includes sparring sessions without protection, using padded gloves. Amateur boxing matches usually consist of three rounds lasting five minutes each. There are many styles of amateur boxing such as Kickboxing or Muay Thai, Taekwondo and Karate, Judo and Wrestling, among others.

Boxing professionals are usually trained in clubs, gyms, or stadiums. They have protective equipment such as mouthpieces. Professional boxing competitions include six rounds of four minutes each. There are many different types of professional Boxing such as Boxing, MMA, Kickboxing, Muay Thai or Taekwondo.

Olympic boxing takes place at the Olympics. Boxers wear special protective gear, which must conform to international standards. Each round lasts three minutes and is made up of eight rounds. There are only two styles of Olympic boxing; Light Flyweight and Heavyweight.

The basic skills of boxing are:

  • Techniques for punching
  • Guarding techniques
  • Footwork
  • Stance
  • The body moves
  • Defense
  • Combination
  • Rotation
  • Spares

Punching Techniques

There are seven types of punches available: Left Hook and Right Hook, Cross, Cross, Straight, Underhand, Overhand, Cross, Straight, Cross, Straight, Cross, Straight, and Overhand. Each punch comes with its own technique. Some punches require more force than others. For example, an uppercut is a powerful punch. On the other hand, a straight punch requires less power but it is faster than other punches.

There are also different combinations. These are combinations made up of several punches that can be used together to achieve one goal. A combination can contain multiple parts. For example, a combination of a left and right hook will result in damage to the opponent’s jaw.

Guard Techniques

A boxer protects himself by using his body. He does so by using his arms, elbows and hands as well as his knees, knees and legs.


Boxers should use the legs to protect themselves against kicks. After receiving a kick, he will raise his leg and move away from the attacker. To avoid being kicked in the side, he bends down if the attacker attacks from the front. If the attack is from the side, he will bend his knees to avoid being kicked on the side.


Because they cause great pain, elbow strikes are extremely effective. An elbow strike can be delivered either directly or indirectly. Directly refers to hitting your opponent with the forearm, while indirect means you hit him using another part of your arms.


Boxers use their hands as a shield against incoming punches. Boxers use their hands to stop incoming punches. They raise their fists up above their heads and move towards the attack. They then make contact with their attacker’s fist.


When receiving a blow to the stomach, abdomen or chest, a boxer should bend his knees to absorb the impact. Defense purposes are often served by knee strikes.


Boxers should respond to being attacked by their opponent by standing back and delivering counter-attacks. This way, he can gain distance between himself and his opponent. Additionally, boxers need to maintain their balance when they counter-attack.


A boxer must have a stance in order to be effective at boxing. The way he defends him will be dictated by his stance. It determines where he will face his opponent and how he will position his body. There are many positions that boxers can adopt. These are the most popular:

  • A low stance
  • High stance
  • Southpaw stance
  • Western stance

The Body Movement

A boxer must change his position, speed and rhythm in order to win the fight. This means changing your speed, position and rhythm.


Boxers rotate their arms when they throw a punch. The rotation is done at different speeds depending on the type of punch.


Timing of each punch is crucial to the effectiveness of a combination. A combination that works well starts with strong punches and ends with weak ones is a winning combination.


Sparring, a boxing practice session, is designed to improve your boxing skills. Boxers learn to train their mind and bodies during sparring sessions. The purpose of sparring is, in short, to learn how fight and not get hurt.

You need to have patience and dedication in order to learn how boxing works. To become a better fighter, you have to train hard and continue to work.