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Tyson Fury slams Jake Paul as ‘w****r’ as build-up to fight with Tommy gets personal at heated press conference

TYSON FURY labelled Jake Paul a ‘w****r’ as the rivalry between his brother Tommy and the American hots up.

The social media showdown happens on December 18 in Tampa, with Britain’s WBC heavyweight king in brother Tommy’s corner.

Tyson Fury on stage with dad John and brother Tommy with Jake Paul joining virtually
Jake Paul traded insults with the Fury family
Tommy Fury fights Jake Paul on December 18

YouTuber Paul reckons the fighting family have grossly underestimated him and Tyson can do nothing to help his little sibling.

Fury had praised Paul for promoting his way into professional boxing but he backtracked on that to slam the celeb.

Fury, 33, said: “It’s good, it’s entertainment, it’s two young fellas putting it all on the line and someone’s O has to go.

“Poor old Jake Paul is going to get severely knocked out.

“Jake hasn’t done anything, a few months ago I thought he was good but now I think he’s a w*****.”

Paul, speaking from a Puerto Rico swimming pool with a sombrero and sunglasses, roared back: “Tommy, you’re sparring bums.

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“We started camp two months before these so-called professionals. 

“They are underestimating me to the highest degrees, they cannot teach him what he needs.

“Tyson is trying to coach him but he cannot teach him what a champion needs.”

Leading figure big John Fury came up with a new nickname for the Instagram ace, yelling: “You are with the big dogs now so be careful of getting bitten.

“You are Catweasel, I can see the fear in your eyes, take your sunglasses off so I can see the fear, there is now fear here.”

After listening to Paul insult him , Tyson laughed: “I have been brought in to be abused – f****** hell.

“I am here getting abused by some p***y. I will take my backhand to him, his brother and his pussy trainer BJ Flores.”

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