Tyson Fury vows to KO ‘big s***house’ Drew McIntyre as Gypsy King eyes WWE world title to add to boxing belts

TYSON FURY has promised to KO ‘big s***house’ Drew McIntyre and add the Scot’s WWE crown to his own world heavyweight boxing title.

The Gypsy King revved up his social media war of words with McIntyre by urging the wrestling hero to arrange their British bust-up.

Tyson Fury is anxious to switch from ring to cage again to KO Drew McIntyre
WWE world champ Drew McIntyre insists he is keen to take on the Gypsy King

Fury, 32, admits he is increasingly frustrated in the gym as his trilogy fight with Deontay Wilder gets delayed.

And the 6ft 9ins superstar posted a Twitter video to tell McIntyre: “Big Drew. Big s***house Drew. Listen. Contact my people, Nick Khan, and let’s get it on.

“Get Triple H or Vince(McMahon) to contact Nick and let’s get this fight over the line.”

And he warned the 35-year-old to forget about his famous Claymore Kick finish – as he is sure he will deliver a devastating finale of his own.

He said: “I’m going to grab your hair. I’ll swing you around that ring.

“Never mind Claymore, you’re going to get knocked the F out by the Gypsy King. “That’s my promise, mush.”

Fury made a stunning WWE debut last October in Saudi Arabia as he KO’d Braun Strowman with a huge punch at Crown Jewel.  

He then upgraded his thrilling draw of December 2018 against Wilder into a stylish seven-round dethroning of the American WBC champ in February this year.

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