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Tyson Fury warned Oleksandr Usyk will only accept 70/30 split if fight happens on April 29 or new terms will be demanded

OLEKSANDR USYK will only accept Tyson Fury’s 70/30 offer for a fight on April 29 – and any delay will force new terms to be agreed.

Usyk’s team believe they have called Fury’s bluff by agreeing his lowball deal of 30 per cent for a title unification in just six weeks.

Tyson Fury facing off with Oleksandr Usyk

But the Ukrainian’s manager Egis Klimas warned if the original date next month is not honoured, they will renegotiate for 50/50.

Usyk’s promoter Alex Krassyuk has echoed Klimas’ comments, meaning Fury’s lions share split is ONLY valid for April 29.

Krassyuk told Sky Sports: “Usyk was very clear in his message, ‘April 29th, I accept 70/30.’

“So all the conditions that were accepted by Usyk are due only for April 29th.

“And Egis Klimas yesterday came out on Twitter saying that if it moves just by one day, then it’s going to be 50/50 again.”

Fury spoke out to demand there be NO rematch clause in the contract but Krassyuk claimed it was his side that wanted the stipulation.

Hall of Famer Frank Warren has tried to reassure fans by maintaining that the fight is ON despite the clock ticking to announce it.

Although Krassyuk himself admitted he will be as surprised as anyone else if the bout happens next month.


He said: “I’m not really confident that this fight will happen on April 29th. I will be surprised if it takes place.

“But if it takes place, I will be really happy because this is the biggest thing Usyk wants, the baddest thing he wants in his life, to unify the belts in heavyweight division, the second division in his career.”

Responding to Krassyuk on Instagram, Fury said: “Alex, Usyk’s manager you sausage, Borat wants his voice back you f*****g bum.

“You’ll get what you’re getting, don’t worry. You’re the worst manager in history, you got your fighter to accept 30 per cent, you bum dosser.

“Hahaha, you’re not that clever are you? You bum. You got outwitted by a man that never went to school in his life, sausage.

“Keep talking, your boy’s going to get smashed and he’s going to be belt-less like the other bum AJ. Come on, rule Britannia, motherf****r.”

Tyson Fury firing back at Oleksandr Usyk’s promoter Alex Krassyuk

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What can I do to improve my punching?

The most important part of boxing is the punching technique. You must develop good punch technique if you want to become a better boxer. These are some tips that will help you improve your punching technique.

  • Keep your head up. While throwing punches, keep your head up.
  • Punch from the shoulder. If you are going to throw a punch, aim for the shoulder and not your chin.
  • Your feet are your focus. Focus on your feet when punching.
  • Give short, fast punches. You will feel tired quicker if you throw longer punches.
  • Don’t forget about defense! Always be ready to stop any incoming punches.
  • Use your elbows. The best way to defend your self is with your elbows.
  • Use your legs. If you learn to use your legs properly, they can help you avoid getting knocked down.
  • Every day, practice. Even if you feel tired, continue training. It takes practice to become proficient at anything.
  • Have fun! Enjoy what’s going on.
  • Keep your lungs open. Breathing correctly will make you stronger and give you energy.
  • Relax. Do not worry about making mistakes. Don’t worry about making mistakes. Instead, focus on learning new skills.
  • Be patient. Boxing can be difficult. It takes time for you to get better at boxing.
  • Never stop learning. As long there is still room for improvement, there will continue to be improvement.
  • Enjoy music. Music can be a great way to relax and concentrate while training.
  • View videos of professional fighters. It can inspire you to do better.
  • Read books. Reading books can help you better understand boxing techniques.
  • Pause. Sometimes you might need to stop boxing. Go outside and play basketball or soccer.
  • Find a coach. Coaching can make you more efficient at boxing.
  • Push-ups: Push-ups are great for endurance and strength building.

How do beginner boxers train?

Although boxing is one of oldest sports, its popularity has increased only recently. Boxing is a sport where two fighters face off against each other in a ring. They punch each other until one of them falls.

Find out if you are interested in boxing before you start thinking about becoming a boxer. You can try watching some fights on YouTube and see how it feels to hit someone. Once you have decided that boxing is for you, you can decide what style of fight you prefer.

What is the difference between left hook and right cross?

A left hook can be thrown from the side, and a right cross from the front.

A left hook can be thrown with the opponent’s back facing you. The elbow is bent 90° and the wrist is turned 45° toward the opponent.

The opponent is facing the palm and the elbow straight. A right cross is made. The opponent is 45 degrees from your wrist.

What are the 7 punches used in boxing?

There are seven boxing punches. They include jab and cross, hook and uppercut, straight right and left hook, as well as body shot. These punches attack the opponent’s head or body.


  • It is just like normal sparring with a partner, but you want to throw punches at 75% of your normal speed. (
  • You want to be running at roughly 75-80% of your top speed..5 mile slow, easy recovery jog at the end.[6]X Research source 2Mix in long runs, shadow boxing, and short sprints on non-interval days. (

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How to learn to box to exercise

How to Learn to Box For Exercise

Learning boxing will help you improve your self-confidence and physical fitness. Boxing is the most well-known sport in the world. It requires strength and speed as well agility, coordination, balance, power, and accuracy.

Learning how to box is a great way to get fit and feel good about yourself. You will find that the activity is enjoyable and you want to continue doing it.

There are many types of boxing training programs. Some take place at gyms or health clubs while others require you to train at home. Online courses allow you to learn from anywhere in the globe.

You should ensure that the program you select meets your lifestyle and goals. The best programs will include exercises that help build muscle mass and flexibility, improve cardiovascular endurance, enhance well-being, as well as increase overall wellbeing.

Consider whether you prefer a beginner or advanced course. Beginner’s classes usually teach basic techniques, such as sparring, mittwork, shadowboxing, and punching. Advanced programs often cover more complex movements, and include a greater variety of exercises.

Beginners’ programs generally last around eight weeks and cost less than $100. However, they don’t provide any guidance on nutrition, weight loss, injury prevention, or other aspects of boxing training.

Advanced programs typically last six months and cost around $300. They often include nutritional advice, stretching routines, warm-up exercises, and instruction on proper technique. Some programs include resistance training such as lifting weights and aerobic conditioning such as running.