Tyson Fury’s dad John says Anthony Joshua fight will be ‘warm-up’ and tells Eddie Hearn to finalise bout for June

TYSON FURY’s dad has demanded Eddie Hearn book his son’s long-awaited Battle of Britain with Anthony Joshua for June.

Matchroom Boxing chief Hearn recently revealed the first of two multi-million-pound undisputed heavyweight title fights is likely to take place in July.

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But the outspoken John Fury is eager for son Tyson to face the unified heavyweight king a month earlier in a ‘warm-up’ fight.

The WBC champion’s old man said in an Instagram video: “This is a video to Eddie Hearn and all his supporters of AJ.

“We’re not bothered about Anthony Joshua one iota. And here’s what you can do: if he wants to fight in June, get it ready for June, Eddie.

“We’ll take him as a warm-up fight, him. We value Anthony Joshua that much we’ll take him as a warm-up fight in June.

“So get your arse in gear, getting everything [that] needs doing done and we’ll take him in June.”

John is adamant The Gypsy King, 32, will fight twice this year.

John Fury has branded Anthony Joshua a ‘warm-up’ fight
John Fury is adamant his son will fight twice this year

The 56-year-old continued: “We’ll have the first fight with him.

“Because Tyson is fighting twice this year, but we’d like AJ to be the first on the butcher’s block.

“So get your arse in gear, mate. Wave your magic wand and let’s get this fight started.

“Because nobody is bothered about you or AJ in any way, shape or form.

“AJ, up first, chopping block, June. And if you can’t put up, shut up. Do that.”


John’s public demand to Hearn comes a little less than a week after he cast doubt over his son fighting Joshua this year.

During an appearance on BT Sport, he said: “We need to get him out, whether these cowboys get the job sorted which I don’t think they’re going to do.

“What have they signed? They’ve signed nothing in my eyes. They’ve got no date, no venue, no nothing.

“What does it mean if you can’t get a date and a venue? What does it mean if no one is willing to put the money up?

“It’s all about someone coming forward and saying, ‘Right, I’ll pay for the fight, I’ll stage the fight.’ Where are these people?

John Fury has doubts over his son fighting Anthony Joshua this year

“That’s the position it’s in and I don’t think they can get it together.

“It’s too big for what’s happening and the climate the world is in at the moment.

“I just don’t think the timing is right for a fight of that magnitude with the state of the world.”

Despite both men recently putting pen to paper on a whopping $500million two-fight deal, a date and venue for Joshua vs Fury aren’t any closer to being finalised.

A rematch, however, is expected to take place in November or December and could very well be held in the UK.


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