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Tyson Fury’s dad John slams Deontay Wilder in astonishing rant and says he’ll be ‘working on buses’ after trilogy fight

DEONTAY WILDER doesn’t ‘deserve’ a trilogy fight with Tyson Fury, according to The Gypsy King’s dad John.

The former WBC champ will renew his rivalry with the Wythenshawe warrior on October 9 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

Tyson Fury will renew his rivalry with Deontay Wilder on October 9
But The Gypsy King’s dad John reckons the fight shouldn’t be happening

Wilder, 35, was battered from pillar to post in his rematch with Fury last February but has refused to accept the seventh-round TKO defeat.

And Fury’s old man is adamant he shouldn’t be sharing the ring with the Bronze Bomber again.

He told Boxing Social: “He doesn’t even deserve a third fight, does he?

“He’s a horrible person that got battered to death. What can he do? He’s not improved, has he?

“With his Mickey Mouse coach there. I’ve seen what’s going on with them. Tyson will annihilate him this time.”

Wilder and Fury were due to trade heavy leather this weekend before the Brit tested positive for Covid.

But John insists the postponement of the bout has only delayed the inevitable.

He said: “He’s had a reprieve because Tyson’s got Covid-19. But when Tyson gets him, it’ll be the end of Deontay Wilder.

“He’s only in it for a few quid anyway. Where’s he gonna get another payday if he doesn’t fight Tyson?

“Nowhere. He’d be working on the buses from wherever he’s from.”

John is adamant Team Wilder have once again underestimated his son, saying: “Like Tyson got cherry-picked with Deontay Wilder twice.

“Because if they never saw Tyson’s eye hanging off against Otto Wallin, a terrible performance, they wouldn’t have wanted the second fight.

“But they saw the Otto Wallin fight and thought, ‘Yup, Wilder can’t lose. Wilder will chin him.’

“They cherry-picked him the first time thinking, ‘He’s been out of the ring for years, he’s been abusing himself. We can’t lose.’

“But every time Tyson, when he’s in that ring, he changes his full job.


“He can look terrible in a training camp, but when he gets in that ring, he’s a different man, different animal. And they got it wrong twice.

“And they’ll get it wrong the third time. But the third time will cost him his career and his life, probably.

“If he’s not dead, he’ll be an invalid, which is a silly man. But if they want to sell their soul and put their life on the line for money, which I’m sure they will, get on with it.”