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Tyson Fury’s ex-opponent Otto Wallin calls to be Anthony Joshua’s return opponent instead of Dillian Whyte

, Tyson Fury’s ex-opponent Otto Wallin calls to be Anthony Joshua’s return opponent instead of Dillian Whyte

OTTO WALLIN insists he is a better opponent for Anthony Joshua’s return fight than Dillian Whyte.

Joshua, 33, is taking a break from boxing to mentally recover following consecutive losses to Oleksandr Usyk, 35.

Otto Wallin insisted he is a better opponent for Anthony Joshua to fight than Dillian Whyte

Anthony Joshua is taking a break to mentally recover from losses to Oleksandr Usyk

His promoter Eddie Hearn has named Wallin along with Whyte as potential opponents for his client to face upon his comeback.

The Swede twice boxed and lost to Joshua in the amateurs and pushed Tyson Fury, 34, all the way in their 2019 bout.

And with Whyte, 34, having already been knocked out by AJ in 2015, Wallin, 31, believes he stands out above the British contender.

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He told Rekatochklart: “I think it’s positive that my name is being mentioned but I would like to be the frontrunner.

“I think Whyte is a good style for Joshua, he knocked him out last time, I don’t think much has changed.

“A guy like Usyk is a terrible style for him because Joshua struggles with good boxers and I’m a good boxer and I’m a southpaw so I think I can give Joshua a better fight.

“I’ve proved myself with Fury, I gave him a really tough fight and he handled Whyte much easier than me.

“Judging from that I think I’m a much better fight for Joshua and we fought twice in the amateurs, I lost close decisions in fights that could have gone either way and we’ve sparred before, so we know each other pretty well.


“He knows that I’m a good fighter and I know that he’s a good fighter.

“I think that fight makes a lot of sense especially given that I have a good following in England thanks to the Fury fight and the problems I gave him.

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“So, I think people would respect that fight.”

, Tyson Fury’s ex-opponent Otto Wallin calls to be Anthony Joshua’s return opponent instead of Dillian WhyteTyson Fury beat Otto Wallin in 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of boxing?

There are many health benefits associated with boxing. Boxing is good for building strong bones and muscles. It improves coordination, reflexes, and coordination. It strengthens your heart, lungs and other vital organs. The best part about boxing? It doesn’t require special equipment. Anything you have in your house can be used.

What is the difference in a left and right hook?

A left hook is thrown at the side of the body and a right crossover is thrown at the front.

A left hook can be thrown with the opponent’s back facing you. The elbow is bent 90° and the wrist is turned 45° toward the opponent.

With the palm facing the opponent, a right cross is performed. The elbow should be straight. The opponent is facing the wrist.

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How to defend yourself:

When you’re being attacked, you must always protect your head. It is your goal to not get punched. To do this, you will need to learn how to prevent an incoming punch. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Stand tall and square yourshoulders.
  2. Keep your elbows near your sides.
  3. Block the incoming punch using your forearm.
  4. Counterattack immediately.
  5. Continue blocking until you see the attacker run away.
  6. Never give up on your defense.

Do I have to fight in order to train boxing?

Fighting is the only way to train boxing. You have to work hard to become a better boxer. You will be able to improve your boxing technique and endurance.

You can improve your boxing technique by watching good boxers compete. It is important to observe their movements, their defenses, and how well they use punches. You can then try to imitate them.

Next, you’ll have to spar against another opponent boxer. You’ll be able to see how you’ve improved your fighting technique. You’ll notice how fast and strong you punch, as well as how effective you are at blocking incoming punches, when you spar.

Finally, you’ll need to practice your boxing skills by doing drills. Practice makes perfect, so be patient and persistent.

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What are the main types of boxing glove?

There are three types of boxing gloves available: mitts and fingerless mitts. The padding around the knuckles of mitten gloves is called padding. Fingerless mitts do not have padding around the knuckles, but they still cover the fingers. Full-fingered gloves have padding around the entire of the hand.

Mittens are used for punching or hitting with the fist. Fingerless mitt gloves, also known as fingerless mitts, are used to punch or strike with the index finger’s knuckle. For punching with one fist, full-fingerered boxing gloves can be used.

What are the 7 punches of boxing?

These seven punches are: jab cross, hook hook, uppercut straight right, left hook and body shot. These punches attack the opponent’s head or body.


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  • You want to be running at roughly 75-80% of your top speed..5 mile slow, easy recovery jog at the end.[6]X Research source 2Mix in long runs, shadow boxing, and short sprints on non-interval days. (

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How to learn how to box for fitness

How to learn how to box for Exercise

Boxing is a sport that improves self confidence and physical fitness. Boxing is one of the most popular sports in the world. It involves strength, speed and agility.

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Boxing is a great way of getting fit and feeling good about yourself. It will be a fun activity that you will want to do again and again.

There are many types of boxing training programs. You can choose to train in a gym or at home. Others require that you go to a health club. There are also online courses which allow you to study from anywhere in the world.

Make sure you choose a program that meets your needs and is compatible with your lifestyle. The best programs are those that focus on building muscle mass, increasing flexibility, improving cardiovascular endurance, and improving overall well-being.

Also, consider whether you prefer an advanced or beginner course. Beginner’s programs usually teach basic techniques and drills such as shadowboxing, sparring, mitt work, and punching combinations. Advanced programs cover more complex movements and offer more variety.

A beginner’s program typically lasts eight weeks and costs less $100. However, they do not offer guidance on nutrition, weight reduction, injury prevention, or any other aspects of boxing training.

Advanced programs can last up to six months, and usually cost about $300. These programs often include nutrition advice, stretching routines and warm-up exercises. They also provide instruction on proper technique. Some programs include resistance training, such as lifting weights, and aerobic conditioning, such as running.

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