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Tyson Fury’s undisputed super-fight with Oleksandr Usyk given fresh hope despite WBA ordering Daniel Dubois title bout

, Tyson Fury’s undisputed super-fight with Oleksandr Usyk given fresh hope despite WBA ordering Daniel Dubois title bout

TYSON FURY’S undisputed super-fight with Oleksandr Usyk has been given fresh hope despite the WBA ordering Daniel Dubois into a title bout.

The pair of unbeaten champions are in talks for the heavyweight division’s first ever four-belt unification clash.

Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk facing off

But amid negotiations, the WBA ordered their 25-year-old “regular” champion and mandatory challenger Dubois to fight Usyk.

It led to fears the title defence would get in the way of an undisputed decider, set for the Middle East next year.

But promoter Frank Warren reassured that the unification would supersede any mandatory defence – leaving everything on track.

He told his Queensberry YouTube channel: “He [Dubois] is next in the rotation. It’s agreed by the governing bodies.

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“He’s next, but obviously, a unification, which we’re working on, will take precedence. It will take priority.”

Usyk, 35, faced a similar situation when it was suggested the IBF could order him to fight No1 contender Filip Hrgovic, 30.

And Joe Joyce, 37, remains in line for a shot at his titles while standing as the WBO mandatory challenger.

Fury, 34, has named Brit Joyce, a former sparring partner of his, as a back-up alternative if talks with Usyk collapse.

He made the claim after beating Derek Chisora, 38, in round ten of their trilogy bout at Tottenham.

Fury said: “If it doesn’t happen, for X, Y or Z reasons, then we’ll have Joe Joyce at Wembley.

“If the Usyk one does happen, then I’ll do him and we’ll have Joe Joyce at Wembley as well. Why not?”

Joe Joyce and Tyson Fury have sparred each other before

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you train boxers for beginners?

Boxing is one, if not the oldest, sport in existence. But boxing only recently became more popular. Two fighters fight each other in boxing. They punch each others until one loses.

To become a boxer, you must first find out what boxing is like. Check out some YouTube fights to get a feel for what it is like to hit someone. Once you decide if boxing is something you enjoy, you can then choose the type of fighting you prefer.

Where can I find boxing equipment?

There are many websites that sell boxing equipment. Some of these include Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Target, and Sports Authority. Ross and TJ Maxx offer great deals on boxing gear at a fraction of the cost.

Quality boxing gear is what you should be looking for. You can consider Warrior, Golden Glove or Premier Boxing Champions.

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How long does it usually take to become an elite boxer?

Professional boxing takes hard work and dedication. To become a professional fighter, you will need to devote at least 10 hours per weeks to training.

How to throw the jab

To throw a jab, simply follow this simple step-by-step guide:

  1. Move forward with both your feet.
  2. Elevate your arm over your shoulder.
  3. Keep your fist in front of your target.
  4. After hitting your target, swing your arm backwards.
  5. Continue with steps 1 through 4.

What is the best way to practice boxing punches in your home?

A punching bag can be used to practice boxing punches. You’ll need to keep punching the bag until you feel you have mastered the technique. Then, move to the next area. Once you feel confident with the area, move on to next.


  • It is just like normal sparring with a partner, but you want to throw punches at 75% of your normal speed. (
  • You want to be running at roughly 75-80% of your top speed..5 mile slow, easy recovery jog at the end.[6]X Research source 2Mix in long runs, shadow boxing, and short sprints on non-interval days. (

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How To

How to learn to box for exercise

How to learn how to box for Exercise

You learn boxing to increase your physical fitness and self-confidence. Boxing is one of the most popular sports in the world. It requires speed, strength, agility, stamina and coordination.

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It’s a great way for you to feel fit and healthy. You’ll enjoy it so much, you’ll want more.

There are many types of boxing training programs. Some are held at health clubs or gyms, while others can be done at home. Online courses are available that you can access anywhere in the world.

When choosing a program, make sure that it meets your goals and fits into your lifestyle. The best programs focus on exercises that increase muscle mass, flexibility and cardiovascular endurance. They also promote overall well being.

You should also consider whether you prefer a beginner’s course or a more advanced one. Basic techniques and drills are taught in beginner’s programs. These include shadowboxing and sparring, mittwork, and punching combinations. Advanced programs usually cover more complicated movements and offer more options.

These programs are generally less expensive than $100 and last for eight weeks. They don’t offer any advice on nutrition, weight loss or injury prevention.

Advanced programs last approximately six months and typically cost $300. They often include nutritional advice, stretching routines, warm-up exercises, and instruction on proper technique. Some programs include resistance training, such as lifting weights, and aerobic conditioning, such as running.

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