Watch Mike Tyson rip off shirt on TV to show body transformation and reveal how he shed SEVEN stone for Jones fight

MIKE TYSON ripped off his shirt on TV to reveal his 100lb weight loss – and told viewers ‘I’m beautiful’.

The former heavyweight king, 54, has shed a remarkable SEVEN stone for his bout with fellow boxing great Roy Jones Jr this weekend.

Mike Tyson flexed his muscles in a TV interview to show off his weight loss

Mike Tyson was on Good Morning America when he whipped his top off

And he wasn’t shy to whip his top off during a television interview on Good Morning America.

Host TJ Holmes asked ‘Iron Mike’ how tough training camp was and how he managed to shed the weight.

Tyson responded: “It was very difficult but only for one particular reason – I had to lose 100lbs.

“But other than that I’ve always done this my whole career.

“I became a vegan. My wife told me to get on a treadmill. So I went from 15 minutes on the treadmill and ended at two hours.

“I kept going to the gym and watching my diet and I’m beautiful.”

Interviewer Holmes told Tyson that he looked great, and that’s when the 54-year-old ripped his top off.

He said: “You ain’t seen nothing. I’ve got to show you my body man, I’ve got to show you how beautiful I look.”

And as he flexed his muscles during the interview, Tyson roared: “This is where it’s at.”

The former heavyweight king revealed how he lost seven stone

Mike Tyson in his prime against Frank Bruno in Las Vegas in 1989

It’s not the first time Tyson has got his guns out during an interview.

He did the same when Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson quizzed him earlier this month.

The boxing legend, 54, appears to be in the shape of his life prior to climbing back between the ropes for the highly-anticipated exhibition bout in Los Angeles.

The American legend has been working hard in the gym for months now after first teasing his comeback in May.

Tyson retired in 2005 and claimed to have not trained since his last loss, against Kevin McBride 15 years ago.

And he now looks a completely different man from the one seen in 2018, after shedding the pounds and packing on the muscle after taking his return to the ring seriously.

Tyson told TMZ Sports: “At one time I was just 90lbs over weight I was doing cocaine, I was drinking and I said Allah if he can stop me from being this way, I’ll change my whole life.”

“And eventually, I got married, my life started to change, and I started working out.

“My brother in law said, ‘hey listen. I know you don’t want to fight, but would you fight Bob Sapp?

“Somebody wants to offer you a lot of money to fight him. I said, ‘get out of here, I told you I don’t want to fight anymore.”

“And then I thought about it in my mind and went ‘ding’ – I said I would fight [Sapp under the marquess of queensberry rules] and for some reason, it went from Bob Sapp to somebody else, and this guy, and the next thing you know, I’m fighting Roy Jones Jr.

“I don’t know how this happened. I’m just very grateful that I’m not living the life that I was living before. Allah has blessed for me to be able to do this.”

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