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Watch Mike Tyson throw huge punch at enemy Floyd Mayweather Jr but Money doesn’t even flinch in stunning throwback video

MIKE TYSON and Floyd Mayweather have been on bad terms ever since 2001.

And Iron Mike nearly took the beef to a whole new level in 2014 when he pretended to punch him on stage.

Mike Tyson threw a fake punch at Floyd Mayweather in 2014
The pair have been on bad terms since 2001

But the stunt did not faze ‘Money’ Mayweather who laughed it off and proceeded to awkwardly hug the heavyweight icon.

The pair reportedly fell out after a 2001 police raid on Tyson’s Las Vegas home which Iron Mike accused Mayweather of calling.

Tyson could never prove Mayweather’s involvement and later admitted he was over it.

He said: “I’m good with it now. You can forgive, but you have to remember.”

But this was not the case in 2014, when the two met on stage at a boxing event.

Mayweather could be seen shaking hands with other well known boxing guests before Tyson rushed up to him.

Mayweather held his hand out to shake but Tyson ignored and it threw a punch at the middleweight champ – deliberately missing his face by just inches.

Money did not even flinch and instead smiled and awkwardly hugged Tyson – who makes a comeback to the ring this Saturday against Roy Jones Jr.

Mayweather didn’t flinch and awkwardly hugged Tyson instead

The footage seems to show the incident ending in a jovial fashion but that illusion was shattered a year later when Tyson slammed Mayweather for suggesting he was the greatest boxer of all time.

Iron Mike said: “He’s very delusional.

“Listen, if he was anywhere near that realm of great as Muhammad Ali, he’d be able to take his kids to school by himself.

“OK, he can’t take his kids to school by himself, and he’s talking about he’s great?

“Greatness is not guarding yourself from the people.

“It’s being accepted by the people. He can’t take his kids alone to school by himself. He’s a little scared man. He’s a very small, scared man.”

Tyson also revealed his one fantasy fight would be against Mayweather.

Mayweather recently opened up on another feud – this time with rapper 50 Cent.

And YouTuber Logan Paul is sparring again having called Mayweather out – saying he ‘would snap the f***er in half’.