Watch Prince Naseem Hamed’s son Aadam Hamed, 21, copy famous dad by dancing while hitting punching bag

PRINCE NASEEM HAMED’s son Aadam showed he’s a chip off the old block by emulating his father’s trademark dance moves in the gym.

Prince Naz dazzled boxing fans in the ’90s with his showmanship inside and outside of the ring.

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The former WBO featherweight champ would bamboozle his opponents with slick footwork and would even taunt them by dancing midway through the fight.

And his son Aadam, 21, appears to have inherited his fleet-footedness.

Last weekend, Aadam posted a video of himself hitting the heavy bag while dressed in a shirt and trousers.

Aadam effortlessly floated around the bag as he landed his shots, which he broke up with the shuffle his dad used to deploy.

His accompanying caption for the clip read: “Ain’t nothin but a g thing.”

Boxing fans were blown away by the footage and immediately drew comparisons between Aadam and his old man.


Aadam Hamed showed he’s a chip off the old block in a recent social media video
Aadam Hamed is set to make his professional debut later this year

One said: “Like father like son 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Another said: “Destined to be a champ! Your Father & Muhammad Ali provided you with BLESSINGS.”

And another said: “Watching this clip I could see your ole man, he was amazing boxer and show man.”

One remarked: “Son of a legend creating his own legacy.”

Aadam is set to make his professional debut this year, although a date for the lightweight’s bow has not been finalised.

But if his dad had things his way, he’d wouldn’t be anywhere near the ring.

In 2015, he said: “My son, Aadam, I’ve told everybody, is going to win Wimbledon one day.

“My eldest, Sami, is 17. He’s going to be an actor, and my other son, Sulaiman, is the cutest.

Aadam Hamed is champing at the bit to get inside the ring

“He’s the natural fighter. But I don’t want my kids to fight.

“Beyond the smile and humour, the flying carpets and all the ­razzmatazz, I wanted to knock someone out cold.

“If you ruffled those feathers, I really wanted to knock someone out.

“Why would I want a guy with that same intention standing opposite my son?”

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