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World Title Fight Added to Joshua vs Ngannou Undercard in Last-Minute Twist

, World Title Fight Added to Joshua vs Ngannou Undercard in Last-Minute Twist

What's the Buzz?

Just two weeks before the highly-anticipated Anthony Joshua vs. Francis Ngannou showdown in Saudi Arabia on March 8, another world title fight has been added to the undercard.

Meet the Contenders

Israil Madrimov is set to compete for the WBA super welterweight title against Magomed Kurbanov, pending approval from Saudi officials. The terms have been agreed for months, but logistical issues delayed the bout.

On the Undercard

In addition to the main event, Joseph Parker will face Zhilei Zhang for the WBO Interim strap, and Nick Ball will take on Rey Vargas for the WBC featherweight title. The night will kick off with Andrii Novytskyi vs. Juan Torres and Mark Chamberlain vs. Gavin Gwynne.

Potential Showdowns

Rumors are swirling that Tyson Fury's brother Roman might step into the ring with Justis Huni, while Jack McGann could face off against Ziyad Almaayoufl.

, World Title Fight Added to Joshua vs Ngannou Undercard in Last-Minute Twist

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you progress from amateur to Professional Boxing?

A significant change in competition, intensity of training, and mental preparedness is required to make the transition from amateurs to professionals. A boxer who wants to become a professional must have a solid track record. This is usually achieved by competing in local and national competitions. It is crucial to acquire a boxing license, and align yourself with experienced trainers and managers who can guide your career decisions and secure you professional bouts.

What diet should a boxer who is a novice follow?

A novice boxer needs to follow a balanced nutritional diet that will fuel intense workouts while promoting recovery. In general, it is recommended that you consume a mixture of carbohydrates for energy and lean protein for muscle growth and repair. Also, vitamins and minerals, as well as hydration, are important. A sports nutritionist will be able to provide a customized diet plan tailored to the boxer’s training regime and weight class goals.

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How important does physical conditioning play in professional Boxing?

Boxing is a sport that requires physical fitness. The sport demands a high level of strength, speed and endurance. Professional boxers should follow a tailored fitness plan that includes aerobic and aerobic workouts, strength and endurance training, and flexible exercises. A boxer’s performance in the ring and ability to train is severely compromised without superior physical conditioning.

What are the key components of a boxer’s training routine?

A boxer’s routine is made up of several main components. These include technical skill development, tactical drills, strength and conditioning, sparring, and mental preparation. Tactics drills help develop fighting strategies, while technique-focused exercises improve defensive maneuvers and punch accuracy. Sparring allows for practical combat experience. Conditioning exercises boost athleticism. Mental training emphasizes confidence, focus, and resilience.

What is the best equipment for a beginner in professional boxing to start with?

For anyone starting in professional boxing, the essential equipment includes boxing gloves, hand wraps, a mouthguard, headgear (for sparring), and proper footwear. A heavy bag, speed bag, double-end bag, and other training aids are important for technical workouts. Use quality gear that is durable and offers protection. Poor equipment can lead to injury.

How long will it take me to become a boxer professional?

The time taken to become an elite boxer is variable. It depends on the individual’s starting skill level, adaptability to the sport, and the quality of training received. It can take a number of years to develop the necessary skills and gain enough amateur experience. However, some exceptional talents might advance more quickly, while others may need more time to develop.

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What qualities should a person look for in a trainer or coach of boxing?

If you are looking for a boxing trainer or coach, look for someone with experience, who has a proven track record of success, has a similar coaching style and a thorough understanding of both the technical and strategic elements of the sport. A good boxing trainer will also focus on safety, personal growth, and conditioning. To reach your boxing potential, you need a coach who is able to motivate and communicate well.


  • Cardiovascular fitness is critical, with a focus on high intensity interval training, comprising up to 40% of a boxer’s conditioning program.
  • On average, a professional boxer spars between 100 to 200 rounds in preparation for a major fight.
  • The average age for boxers to turn professional is between 18 to 25 years, though many continue to compete well into their 30s and beyond.
  • As per recent surveys, only about 17% of professional boxers reach a title shot opportunity in their careers.
  • An analysis of boxing injuries suggests that 90% involve the head, neck, and face, emphasizing the importance of protective gear.
  • Research shows that a boxer’s reaction time is typically under 0.25 seconds, honed through repetitive drills and sparring.
  • Professional boxers typically train 4 to 6 hours per day, 5 to 6 days a week, depending on their fight schedule.

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How To

How to Improve Defense in Boxing

In professional boxing, improving your defense is just as important as your offensive skills. Focus on footwork, blocking, and head movements. Practice regularly slipping, bobbing, weaving, and angles in order to evade punts. Use defensive maneuvers during sparring sessions to create muscle memory under live conditions. You should reflect on your sparring and identify your defensive weakness. Then, work with your coach in order to overcome them. Your ability to defend effectively can significantly change the outcome of your fights.



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