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‘You have to respect legends’ – Ryan Garcia gets dressing down from Oscar De La Hoya over Canelo and Mayweather blast

, ‘You have to respect legends’ – Ryan Garcia gets dressing down from Oscar De La Hoya over Canelo and Mayweather blast

RYAN GARCIA has been given a dressing down by his own promoter Oscar De La Hoya after his Canelo Alvarez and Floyd Mayweather blast.

Garcia was once mentored and trained alongside Canelo but since leaving the Mexican’s gym the pair have gone back and forth.

Oscar De La Hoya pictured with Ryan Garcia

And it led Mayweather, 45, to surprisingly defend his former rival Canelo, 31.

But Garcia, 23, hit back: “They need the Avengers to stop me, they need the Avengers to stop me from talking.

“It could be Floyd, it could be Canelo, add all the GOATs, they need them all. They can’t stop me.”

Garcia’s response caused De La Hoya, 49, to come out and play mediator.

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He said: “You have to respect fighters who have experience, fighters who are legends, who are world champions, who have something to say, and when you talk people listen.”

Canelo sparked a row with Garcia when comparing their career accomplishments.

He said on DAZN: “He’s a little kid.

“My advice for him is to do your job, focus on your career, win a world championship first, then talk about other people.

“Because you’ve accomplished nothing, and you start talking about fighters who’ve accomplished a lot.

“When I was 20-year-old I was a world champion.”

But Garcia snapped back: “It may have been true. But everybody’s journey is different.

“He fought for a vacant title against Matthew Hatton. That’s just the truth. I just have a lot of good people in my division.

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“I can’t pick a Matthew Hatton and become a champion. I have to fight great fighters.

“It is what it is. I don’t mind that he fought Matthew Hatton. I’m just saying, you see the level.

“When I get my first chance, most likely it will be against Gervonta Davis. Now you tell me what’s worth more?”

The comments led Mayweather, who promotes Garcia’s rival Davis, 27, to defend Canelo.

Nine years after beating Canelo, Mayweather told FightHype: “You see Ryan Garcia – first he’s praising Canelo, wanna learn from Canelo, in Canelo’s training camp.

“Now it’s all hate. Oh I don’t like him. I don’t like this. I don’t like him.

“Accomplish what Canelo has accomplished, then speak bad about him.

“But you don’t need to speak bad about him anyway because we all need to stay in our own lane and do us.”

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Floyd Mayweather beat Canelo Alvarez in 2013




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