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‘You’re leaving on a stretcher!’ – John Fury sends chilling message to Jake Paul as son Tommy prepares for Saudi fight

, ‘You’re leaving on a stretcher!’ – John Fury sends chilling message to Jake Paul as son Tommy prepares for Saudi fight

JOHN FURY warned Jake Paul his son Tommy will leave him on a “stretcher” after their fight in Saudi Arabia.

The two are in training following confirmation of the celebrity grudge match, on February 26 in Riyadh.

John Fury warned Jake Paul his son Tommy will leave him on a ‘stretcher’

Jake Paul fights Tommy Fury in Saudi Arabia on February 26

They will put bragging rights, reputations and unbeaten records on the line, if they make it third time lucky and make it into the ring.

It comes after Fury, 23, twice pulled out of facing Paul, 26, in the past, due to a rib injury in December 2021 and US visa issues last August.

But he gets a third crack after the two renegotiated for a pay-per-view blockbuster in the desert.

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Fury has been warned by his champion brother Tyson, 34, and dad John to stay in Saudi and drop their fighting name if he loses.

But John has insisted his boy WILL make it to fight night… and leave Paul unable to stand on his own two feet.

He said: “Jake, you think Tommy’s not going to show up. You’re going to be very disappointed and mistaken.

“Because we’re one million per cent going to be there. We can’t wait to get this fight on with you, mate.

“There’s no way in the world, in this entire world, that the fight ain’t going to happen, pal.


“So if you’re dreaming in your own little boys brain, thinking we’re not going to show up and Tommy’s not going to fight you mate, well you’re going to be very wrong.

“Be prepared to get taken out that ring on a stretcher my friend, because that’s what’s happening to you my friend.

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“You’ve no chance at all, I don’t give you any chance whatsoever, not a remote chance, not even a puncher’s chance.”

, ‘You’re leaving on a stretcher!’ – John Fury sends chilling message to Jake Paul as son Tommy prepares for Saudi fightJake Paul and Tommy Fury facing off

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to practice boxing punches in your home?

You can practice boxing using a punching bags. You’ll need to keep punching the bag until you feel you have mastered the technique. You can then move on to another area of your body. Once you feel at ease with one area you will move on.

What are the potential benefits of learning to Box?

These are the reasons you need to learn how box.

  • It builds confidence. You will be able to confront bullies and other bullies by learning to box.
  • It improves your physical and mental health. Boxing builds muscle mass. Muscle mass is what makes you stronger.
  • It helps you to learn self-defense skills. You learn how fight and how to protect yourself.
  • It develops your mental toughness. You need mental toughness to face difficult situations.
  • This gives you an incredible sense of achievement. Once you’ve mastered a certain technique, you’ll feel like a real boxer.
  • It’s fun! Nothing is more fun than being punched in a stomach.
  • It’s cheap. It only takes a pair if boxing gloves, and a punchingbag.
  • It doesn’t require much space

How can beginners boxers train?

Boxing is one among the oldest sports. However, boxing has become very popular in recent years. Two fighters fight each other in boxing. They punch eachother until one is knocked out.

It is important to decide if you like boxing before you can start training to become a fighter. Check out some YouTube fights to get a feel for what it is like to hit someone. After you have decided whether or not you want to be a boxer you will need to decide which type of fighting you prefer.

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What are the 7 punches to boxing?

These seven punches are: jab cross, hook hook, uppercut straight right, left hook and body shot. These punches are used to attack the opponent’s head, body, and legs.

What is Boxing?

Boxing is a sport where two people try to knock out each other by hitting them in their head and faces. The objective of boxing involves hitting your opponent as hard, but not causing any injury. In order for this to happen, both boxers must be able to throw punches at high speed. They must also have good hand-eye coordination.

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What are the advantages of boxing?

Boxing offers many health benefits. Boxing has many health benefits. It helps strengthen your bones and muscles. Boxing improves coordination and reflexes. It can also help strengthen your heart muscle and lungs. Boxing does not require special equipment. Anything you have in your house can be used.


  • It is just like normal sparring with a partner, but you want to throw punches at 75% of your normal speed. (
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How do I set up a boxing gym at my house?

People who are looking to start their own business often ask how to set up a boxing club. People often ask what amount they should spend on equipment, what size space is needed, how many people do they need, etc. There are many things that will affect the cost to start your own business. These include where you are located, how many employees you have, the marketing budget and competition. But one thing that most people forget is the importance of having good equipment. Without the proper equipment, you can’t get started. Here are some suggestions to help you start a gym for boxing at home.

  1. You need to have somewhere you can train. A garage, basement, spare room or even the living room would work just fine. It is only necessary that enough space exists to allow for equipment installation.
  2. A punching bag or two is necessary. It is crucial because you will not be able practice punches if you don’t have a punching bag. It can be anything, from a lightweight plastic bag to an expensive leather bag. It should be big enough that you can comfortably carry it. Make sure it’s durable and sturdy so you can use it over the years.
  3. You will need a pad. Matting is used to protect floors or walls while practicing kicks. It is made mostly of foam rubber. They can be bought online or offline stores.
  4. A bench is necessary. A bench is used to support your back while you do pushups. These can be bought online or in stores. Make sure you get the right size.
  5. A speedbag is essential. Speedbags are used to develop fast hand movements. These bags can be bought online or offline. Be sure to buy quality products that last.
  6. You need a headgear. It protects your head when sparring. It can be purchased from online stores or offline stores. Make certain that you choose something that fits well and protects your face.
  7. Gloves are necessary. Gloves are used to protect your hands during sparring sessions. These gloves can be bought online or in stores. Select the pair that fits your style and needs.
  8. You need a mouthpiece. Mouthpieces are used for protecting your teeth during sparring sessions. These mouthpieces can be bought online or in stores. You should choose the pair that best suits you and your needs.
  9. A ring is essential. Rings are used to simulate real fights. You can buy them online or offline. To ensure you aren’t hurt during sparring sessions, make sure it has padding on both ends.
  10. You will need a towel. Towels are used to wipe sweat off after each workout session. They can either be purchased at your local sporting good store or online. Be sure they are soft, absorbent, and comfortable.



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