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YouTuber Deji reveals he wants to fight Manny Pacquiao next after being stopped by Floyd Mayweather

YOUTUBER Deji is ready to fight Manny Pacquiao next after his exhibition with Floyd Mayweather.

The bout was stopped inside six rounds in Dubai but Deji walked away with a souvenir after giving the American legend a little shiner.

Floyd Mayweather beat YouTuber Deji in six rounds

Manny Pacquiao was called out by Deji

And the social media sensation wants to share the ring with more boxing royalty as he called out Mayweather’s old rival.

He said: “At this point, there’s no one that can stop me. I’m ready to fight Manny Pacquiao⁠ – or anyone.”

Mayweather was quizzed on his marked up left cheek in the post-fight press conference and laughed it off.

He said: “How’s my left eye? Yeah, absolutely (it’s bruised). That’s cool, we had fun tonight.

“You guys wanted to see a little something. A had to close the gap, you know, when you close the gap, it happens.”

Mayweather, boxing in his fifth exhibition bout since officially retiring in 2017, toyed with Deji throughout the entirety of the contest.

He danced, chanted and even held up the ring card in between rounds.

But Deji, 25, managed to land a few blows and walked away with a moral victory after bruising up unbeaten Mayweather, 45.

He posted on Instagram: “I gave Floyd Mayweather a black eye.”

KSI’s brother admitted he wasted no time in making the online brag.

He joked: “It was amazing, I guess I was a little bit eager! I cut Floyd, you guys saw it, right?”

Floyd Mayweather was left with a bruised eye after boxing Deji

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best ways to learn boxing defense from home?

Boxing is among the oldest forms of martial art known to man. Boxing can also be considered to one of hardest sports to perform. You can’t just punch someone across the face and make him go away. You need to know how you can defend yourself against punches or kicks.

Find a local boxing gym. Once you’ve found the right place to train, it’s time to purchase gloves and a headgear. Gloves protect the hands while headgear protects the head. You will also need shorts and a shirt.

Once you have everything you need, you will need to warm up. You can start slowly and then increase speed gradually. Once you feel comfortable, go for it and spar with another boxer. Do not worry if you make a mistake. Don’t worry if you miss. Just keep trying until it works.

What is the difference in a left and right hook?

A left hook is thrown at the side of the body and a right crossover is thrown at the front.

A left hand hook is one that is thrown with the opponent’s right side facing. The elbow is bent 90°, and the wrist is turned 45° towards the opponent.

A right cross is thrown with the palm facing the opponent’s face and the elbow straight. The wrist is turned 45 degrees away from the opponent.

What are the differences between different types of boxing gloves

There are three main types for boxing gloves: mitts or fingerless mitts. Mitten gloves have padding at the knuckles. Fingerless mitts, which do not provide padding around the fingers but cover them, have no padding at the knuckles. Full-fingered gloves have padding throughout the entire hand.

The mitten is used to punch or hit with the fist. For striking or punching with the index finger’s knuckle, mitt gloves can be used. Boxing gloves that are full-fingered can be used to punch with your whole fist.

How long does it usually take to become an elite boxer?

Professional boxing requires dedication and years of hardwork. To become a professional fighter, you will need to devote at least 10 hours per weeks to training.

What are the 7 punches in boxing?

The seven punches in boxing are jab, cross, hook, uppercut, straight right, left hook, and body shot. These punches attack the opponent’s head or body.


  • You want to be running at roughly 75-80% of your top speed..5 mile slow, easy recovery jog at the end.[6]X Research source 2Mix in long runs, shadow boxing, and short sprints on non-interval days. (
  • It is just like normal sparring with a partner, but you want to throw punches at 75% of your normal speed. (

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How to setup a Boxing Gym at my House

Anyone who wants to open a business is often asked how to set-up a boxing studio. People often ask what amount they should spend on equipment, what size space is needed, how many people do they need, etc. There are many factors that affect the cost of starting your own business. These include where you are located, how many employees you have, the marketing budget and competition. But one thing that most people forget is the importance of having good equipment. Without the proper equipment, you can’t get started. Here are some helpful tips if you want to open a boxing studio in your own home.

  1. You need to have somewhere you can train. It could be a garage, basement or spare room. Even the living room will work. Only one thing is required: there must be enough room to install the equipment.
  2. A punching bag is essential. This is very important because without a punching bag you won’t be able to practice punches. It can be anything from a cheap plastic bag to a heavy leather bag. Make sure that it is big enough to fit you comfortably. It should be strong and durable to ensure that you can use it for many years.
  3. You will need a mat. When practicing kicks, mats are used to protect walls and floors. It is made mostly of foam rubber. These can be purchased online or in-store.
  4. A bench is necessary. The bench can be used to support the body during pushups. They can be ordered online or in local stores. However, make sure that you choose the right size for you.
  5. A speedbag is necessary. Speedbags are used to develop fast hand movements. You can purchase them online or in-store. It is important to ensure that you purchase a product of high quality and lasting value.
  6. You need a headgear. The headgear protects your head during sparring sessions. It can either be purchased online or in a physical store. You should ensure that the product you select fits your face well.
  7. Gloves are essential. Gloves are needed to protect your hands during sparring sessions. These gloves can be bought online or in stores. You can choose the pair that best suits you and your style.
  8. You need a mouthpiece. Mouthpieces are used to protect your teeth during sparring sessions. You can purchase these online or offline stores. Choose the right pair for you.
  9. You need a ring. Rings can be used to simulate real fights. You can purchase them either online or offline. So that you don’t get injured during sparring, ensure it has padding both sides.
  10. You need a towel. To wipe your sweat off after every workout, use a towel. They can be purchased in your local sporting goods stores or online. They should be soft and absorbent.