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Australian cricketer Glenn Maxwell rushed to hospital after night out in Adelaide

Investigation underway

Australian cricket star Glenn Maxwell was rushed to the hospital during a night out in Adelaide. Cricket Australia is conducting an investigation into the incident.

Night out with fellow cricketers

Maxwell, 35, went out with fellow Australian and West Indian cricketers to watch former star Brett Lee's band on January 19. According to the Mail, Maxwell had to be taken to the Royal Adelaide Hospital by ambulance.

Back to training

He did not stay overnight and has since returned to training. Maxwell will not play in the upcoming ODI against the West Indies, but it is unrelated to his recent hospitalization. The reason for his hospitalization is not yet clear.

Previous injuries

Maxwell has experienced several injuries in recent years, including a fractured left fibula in 2022 and forearm injury in early 2023. He also suffered a concussion after falling off a golf cart in October 2023, causing him to miss a World Cup match.

Cricket Australia has been contacted for comment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an over in cricket?

A cricket over is six consecutive legal deliveries from a bowler at one end of the field to the batsman on the opposite side. Play is then transferred to the opposite end and a different player must bowl the following over. The sequence allows for the game’s progression and strategic elements. Teams try to maximize the score they get or restrict their opponents each over.

What role does an umpire play in cricket

An umpire in cricket is responsible for enforcing the rules, adjudicating on all on-field matters, and making decisions such as whether a batsman is out, signaling wides, no-balls, boundaries, and the commencement and cessation of play. In cricket, two umpires on the field work in tandem. One stands behind the stumps near the bowler’s side and the second at squareleg or side-on. For certain appeals, they use their experience and judgment as well technological aids as the Decision Review System to ensure a fair and consistent application.

How can the fielding team secure wickets using their strategy?

The fielding squad develops various strategies for taking wickets and limiting the batting side’s run-scoring. The bowlers combine speed, movement of the seam, and spin in order to fool batsmen. Captains carefully choose the positions of their fielders. They can either be attacking by placing them in catching position or defending by spreading the fielders out to cover a larger area. In partnership with the Captain, the bowlers create and execute delivery strategy based upon the batsmen’s weakness, match conditions, or game situation in order to maximize their chances of taking wickets.

What is the Duckworth-Lewis-Stern method in cricket?

The Duckworth-Lewis-Stern (DLS) method is a mathematical formula used to calculate the target score for the team batting second in limited-overs cricket matches that are interrupted by weather or other delays. It is based on the number overs, wickets, and runs remaining. The goal of the system is to adjust the target for the batting team to reflect the reduced amount of overs that they are able to play due to interruptions.

What are the responsibilities of a Captain in Cricket?

The captain of the cricket team plays an important strategic and leadership role. They are responsible to make important decisions, like deciding the batting orders, the fielding position, and the use of specific bowlers. A captain is the representative of the team, interacting with umpires as well as motivating and guiding players. A captain is the face of the team and makes adjustments to the strategy during the match to win.


  • The record for the highest individual score in a Test match is held by Brian Lara, who scored an unbeaten 400 runs against England in 2004.
  • In 1999, the Indian team set a Test match record for the most runs scored in a single day’s play, putting up 588 runs against New Zealand.
  • Muttiah Muralitharan holds the record for the most wickets in international cricket, with a staggering 1,347 wickets to his name.
  • Jos Buttler recorded the fastest one-day international century for England, taking just 46 balls against Pakistan in 2015.
  • Australia’s Margaret Peden holds the earliest recorded instance of a double century in women’s Test cricket, scoring 204 runs against England in 1935.

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How to captain a cricket team effectively

Leadership, strategic insight, and a thorough understanding of cricket are all necessary for an effective captain. You can motivate and lead your team by improving your communication. Assess the strengths and weakness of your team as well as the opposition to make strategic decisions. Manage your team’s bowlers and players effectively. Changes are made as needed to limit batsmen, or even take wickets. A good leader is one who remains calm when under pressure and sets a good example for his team.