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England Cricket Legend Derek Underwood Passes Away at 78, Tributes Pour In

Cricketing Icon Mourned

Legendary England cricketer Derek Underwood has sadly passed away at the age of 78, Kent Cricket confirmed. The spinner, described as an "icon of the club," leaves behind a remarkable legacy.

A Cricketing Legacy

During his career, Underwood took an impressive 297 wickets in 86 Tests for England and a total of 2,465 first-class wickets in 676 matches. His skill and talent on the field made him a beloved figure in the world of cricket.

Tributes and Remembrances

Kent Cricket chairman Simon Philip expressed deep sorrow at the loss of the cricketing great. Wisden Cricket also paid tribute to Underwood, highlighting his significant contributions to the sport both on and off the field.

Farewell to a Cricketing Star

As the cricketing community mourns the loss of Derek Underwood, his impact and legacy in the world of cricket will be remembered and cherished. Rest in peace, Derek Underwood.

Frequently Asked Questions

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For proper technique and comfort, choosing the correct size is critical. Your height is not the only factor to consider. You also need to take into account your reach and batting posture. Adults usually require a full size bat. This corresponds to a size 6 or Harrow, for pre-adolescents, and sizes 1-5 for younger players. It is important to practice your batting posture with the bat you are considering before purchasing it.

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Beginners are advised to choose a bat with a low weight that will allow them to easily control their technique as they develop. It is best to choose a lower-grade English willow or Kashmir bat, which offers better performance at a price that’s more affordable than professional grade bats.

Can I use a tennis ball for cricket practice?

Tennis balls are not suitable for formal cricket matches, but they can be used for casual games. This is especially useful for beginners and when playing in small spaces, where a cricket ball that is too hard could cause damage or injury. You can use it to improve your batting, catching and fielding skills.

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