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England U19 Cricketer Given Out for Rare Dismissal in World Cup Match

, England U19 Cricketer Given Out for Rare Dismissal in World Cup Match

Hamza Shaikh Falls Victim to Unusual Rule

Hamza Shaikh, a promising young cricketer representing England in the U19 World Cup, was given out for a highly unusual dismissal during a recent match against Zimbabwe. Batting at No.4, Shaikh was hoping to help his team set a formidable total for Zimbabwe to chase down.

A Shocking Decision Leaves Shaikh Stunned

After a solid start to the innings, Shaikh joined the crease with the score at 70/2. However, his time at the wicket was short-lived. On just his ninth ball, Shaikh swung at a delivery but failed to make meaningful contact. The ball settled between his legs on the wicket. In an attempt to save time, Shaikh picked up the stationary ball and threw it to Zimbabwean wicketkeeper Ryan Kamwemba. Little did Shaikh know that this action would lead to his dismissal.

Obstructing the Field: A Rare Rule

According to the laws of cricket, a player can be given out for obstructing the field if they use any part of their person to give the ball back without the consent of a fielder. Kamwemba, seizing the opportunity, appealed for Shaikh to be out for obstructing the field. Much to Shaikh's surprise, the umpire agreed and raised his finger.

Controversy Erupts and Fans React

The decision to give Shaikh out sparked controversy and a flurry of reactions on social media. Former England fast bowler Steve Harmison criticized the decision, exclaiming that "the game's gone" in his commentary. Fans echoed Harmison's sentiments, with one calling the decision "horrific" and another stating, "That's not cricket."

, England U19 Cricketer Given Out for Rare Dismissal in World Cup Match

A Rare Dismissal with Limited Instances

Shaikh's dismissal for obstructing the field is one of the nine ways a batter can be dismissed in cricket. However, it has only occurred eight times in Men's One Day Internationals. The most recent example was Sri Lanka's Danushka Gunathilaka against the West Indies in March 2021. England's Ben Stokes has also experienced this dismissal, falling victim to it against Australia in 2015. Since 1951, there have been only 23 recorded dismissals of this type in all formats, including Women's ODIs.

England Recovers and Seals Victory

Despite the shock dismissal, England bounced back and posted a total of 237/7 from their allotted 50 overs. They then proceeded to dismiss the Zimbabwean team for just 91 runs, securing a convincing 146-run win. However, both teams had already been eliminated from the semi-final stage due to losses against West Indies and Australia.

England's journey in the 2022 U19 World Cup ended with a loss to India in the final.

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What level of cricket are you playing will determine what cricket ball is best for you. Leather balls are recommended for competitive games. For training or casual games, you might consider a softer synthetic ball. To prevent injuries, junior players should use lighter balls. Verify the specifications of balls in league regulations.

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While tennis balls are not recommended for formal games of cricket, they can be very useful in casual practice. This is particularly true for beginners, or for playing in tight spaces where a hard ball could damage or cause injury. You can use it to improve your batting, catching and fielding skills.

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The grains can give you a clue as to the age and quality of a bat. A bat that has 6-12 straight grain is usually a mature, high-quality willow. A bat with more grains is usually softer, quicker to play and has a longer life. Fewer grains can indicate a tougher bat, which might be more difficult to ‘knock-in’ at first but will last longer.

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