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Former Australia Cricketer Michael Slater Collapses in Court After Being Denied Bail

What Happened?

Former Australia cricketer Michael Slater collapsed in court after being denied bail for allegedly breaking into his ex-partner's house, beating her, and threatening to kill her.

The Charges

Slater is facing 19 charges relating to offences between December 5, 2023, and April 12 of this year, including domestic violence offences such as stalking, assault, and more.

Police Accusations

Police have accused Slater of physically abusing his ex-partner, threatening to kill her, and harassing her with over 300 texts, using derogatory language.

Denial of Allegations

Slater denies all allegations of violence against his accuser, despite the charges brought against him.


Slater, who played for Australia's Test team between 1993 and 2004, was a leading run scorer in the 1994/95 Ashes series. Since retiring from cricket, he has been working as a TV pundit in Australia.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a Cricket pitch get prepared and maintained?

The preparation and maintenance of a cricket field is essential to ensure that it meets the requirements for play. Groundsmen will flatten and level the pitch so that it is consistent in ball behavior. To maintain the hardness of the pitch, it needs to be mowed on a regular basis, watered whenever necessary, then rolled out with a heavy rolling machine. The grounds staff will maintain the pitch throughout a series or match to ensure that it is suitable for play. They will repair any damage such as bowler’s foot marks.

How can the fielding team secure wickets using their strategy?

The fielding team uses different strategies to restrict the batsmen’s ability to score runs and get wickets. Bowlers can use a variety of techniques to trick batsmen. The captain carefully sets the fielding positions to attack by placing players in catching positions, or to defend by spreading out fielders so they cover more area. Partnering with the captain, the bowlers plan and execute delivery strategies based on the batsmen’s weaknesses, match conditions, and game situation to maximize the chances of taking wickets.

What is the Duckworth-Lewis-Stern method in cricket?

The Duckworth-Lewis-Stern (DLS) method is a mathematical formula used to calculate the target score for the team batting second in limited-overs cricket matches that are interrupted by weather or other delays. It assigns specific runs to the overs and wickets that remain. The system aims to set a fair target for each batting side, taking into account the number of overs available to them due to interruptions.

How long lasts a normal game of cricket?

The length of a match in cricket can be very different. There are three basic formats to the game. The longest format, Test cricket, can last as long as five days. One Day International (ODI), or one-day matches, are played in a typical day. Each side is given a specific number of fifty overs. Twenty20 (T20), an even shorter format, typically concludes within three to five hours. Each side plays one innings of 20 runs.

What are basic rules for playing cricket?

Cricket is a team sport played by two 11-player teams. The goal of the game is to score runs for a team when they bat and dismiss batsmen when they bowl and field. Each team bats and bowls in turn. The two players in the batting side are on the field and score runs when they hit the ball or run between the wickets. While the team who is bowling, fielding, and trying to limit the number runs and dismiss the batsmen, tries prevent this. The team that has the most runs at the end is declared the winning team.


  • The highest partnership in Test cricket is 624 runs, set by Sri Lankan batsmen Kumar Sangakkara and Mahela Jayawardene against South Africa in 2006.
  • Muttiah Muralitharan holds the record for the most wickets in international cricket, with a staggering 1,347 wickets to his name.
  • Australia’s Margaret Peden holds the earliest recorded instance of a double century in women’s Test cricket, scoring 204 runs against England in 1935.
  • In 1999, the Indian team set a Test match record for the most runs scored in a single day’s play, putting up 588 runs against New Zealand.
  • Sachin Tendulkar holds the record for the highest number of runs scored in international cricket, amassing 34,357 runs across all formats.

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How to Play Cricket: a Beginner’s Guide

You need to know the basics of cricket before you can begin playing. The game is played by two 11-player teams. One team bats for runs, and the other bowls or fields to dismiss batsmen. Each over consists of six legal deliveries from a bowler. To play, you’ll need a bat, ball, stumps, and protective gear. Learn the correct batting and throwing techniques and become familiar with your fielding position. Join a local team or club to improve your game and gain more experience. Remember that the sport of cricket is about more than just physical ability. It’s also about teamwork and strategic thinking.

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