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India cricket star Ravi Ashwin withdraws from third Test due to family emergency

, India cricket star Ravi Ashwin withdraws from third Test due to family emergency

Ravi Ashwin, the renowned Indian cricket star, made headlines as he pulled out of the highly anticipated Third Test against England. This decision comes on the same day that Ashwin achieved a significant milestone of reaching 500 Test wickets, becoming the ninth bowler to do so.

Family emergency prompts Ashwin's withdrawal

Ashwin's sudden withdrawal from the match was due to a "family emergency," as stated by the Indian Board. The board expressed their full support for the champion cricketer and his family, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing the health and well-being of the players and their loved ones.

Possible implications for India

If Ashwin does not return, India will be allowed a substitute fielder but will not be able to replace his bowling or batting abilities. His absence will undoubtedly be felt by the team, as Ashwin's contributions have been significant throughout his career.

Ashwin's remarkable achievement

Prior to his withdrawal, Ashwin showcased his exceptional skills on the field by dismissing Zak Crawley for 15 runs. This wicket marked his 500th Test dismissal, placing him in an elite group of bowlers. Only Sri Lanka's Muttiah Muralitharan has reached this milestone in fewer than 100 matches.

With an average of 23.95 runs per wicket, Ashwin's bowling statistics are even more impressive than the legendary Shane Warne, who holds the record for the most Test wickets by a spinner. Ashwin's contributions have played a significant role in India's success, as he has accounted for over 30 percent of his team's total wickets.

Notable rivalries and Ashwin's impact

One of Ashwin's most notable rivalries is with England's Ben Stokes, whom he has dismissed 12 times. This highlights Ashwin's ability to consistently outperform some of the best batsmen in the world.

Ashwin's demeanor and on-field competitiveness

Known for his articulation and intelligence, Ashwin is an ultra-competitive player on the field. His commitment to the game was evident when he handed England five penalty runs for running on the pitch, displaying his determination to maintain fair play.

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India's challenges in the Test series

Ashwin's withdrawal adds to India's challenges in the five-Test series against England. The team is already without star batsman Virat Kohli, who is absent for personal reasons. The absence of these key players will undoubtedly test India's depth and resilience.

As the Third Test continues, cricket fans eagerly await further updates on Ashwin's situation and hope for a swift resolution to his family emergency.

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Cricket helmets need to meet safety standards in order to protect you from high-speed balls. Helmets should be both safe and comfortable. Ensure the grill guards your face without obstructing your line of sight, and that the helmet has good ventilation. It is important to have adjustable straps for a snug fit.

What is the best way to take care of cricket equipment?

You can extend the life of your cricket gear by maintaining it. Keep cricket bats oiled and store them in a cool, dry place. The balls should be cleaned and kept dry. After use, pads, gloves and helmets should be aired to avoid the accumulation of moisture and smell. Examine your gear frequently for wear.

What is difference between synthetic leather cricket ball and traditional leather cricket ball?

Synthetic cricket balls are typically made of rubber, or similar materials. They are used for casual or practice games. Although they are more durable and less expensive than leather cricket balls, they do not provide the same feeling or performance. Leather balls used in professional matches provide a better and more realistic play experience.

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When is it time to replace cricket equipment?

Regularly check your equipment to look for signs of wear. This includes cracks in bats, degradation of gloves and helmets as well as wear on the soles. In addition to performance problems, discomfort can also indicate that you need to replace your equipment. Although regular maintenance will extend the life of your gear, safety must never be compromised.

How do I choose cricket shoes?

Cricket shoes must provide support, comfort and grip. Shoes with reinforced toes or more cushioning to absorb impacts are ideal for bowlers. Batsmen might prefer lightweight shoes for quick movements. For fielding, consider shoes with good lateral support. If you prefer to play on turf or hard pitches, the type of outsole you choose will depend on your preference.

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The cricket whites consisting of trousers and a top should be made with breathable, sweat-wicking material to ensure comfort during lengthy matches. Make sure they are comfortable, neither too tight or loose. Cricket attire is often stained from dirt and grass.

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  • In professional cricket, 95% of players use custom-fitted equipment for optimal performance and safety.
  • On average, cricket pads have a functional lifespan of about 4 to 5 years with regular use and proper care.

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