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Kate Mason hits back at criticism of TNT Sports’ cricket coverage

Kate Mason Responds

KATE MASON has responded to criticism of TNT Sports' cricket coverage, addressing claims that the team lacks the edge of a Roy Keane.

The Criticism

A recent article in The Telegraph suggested that the team, including Alastair Cook and Steven Finn, were "too nice" and needed a tougher approach.

Kate's Reaction

Kate shared her response on social media, highlighting the importance of a diverse and knowledgeable panel.

Fans' Support

Supporters of Kate praised the team's analysis and approach, emphasizing the value of insightful commentary over sensationalism.

Kate's Broadcasting Experience

Kate has an extensive background in sports broadcasting, working with various networks before joining TNT Sports.

Frequently Asked Questions

What cricket bat is best for beginners?

Beginners should choose a lightweight bat to help them learn the basics of their game. The entry-level English or Kashmir bats are a good choice, offering good performance and a lower price point than professional bats.

Is there a difference between batting gloves for right-handed and left-handed players?

Yes, batting gloves have been designed to protect the dominant arm of the player. These gloves offer extra padding for specific fingers that may be more vulnerable to injury because of their placement. To ensure maximum comfort and protection, make sure you buy gloves that are designed to fit your dominant hand.

What is the difference between cricket kit bags?

The bags can be in a variety of styles, from duffle bags to backpacks and wheeled bags. The size of the bag depends on your equipment. For players with a complete set, a wheeled backpack is ideal. It makes transporting the bag easier. Backpacks or duffle bags are more convenient if you have less equipment to carry or travel frequently.

How should I maintain my cricket gear?

Maintaining your cricket equipment will extend its lifespan. Keep cricket bats oiled and store them in a cool, dry place. Balls must be kept dry and clean. It is essential to air pads, gloves, and even helmets out after using them. This will prevent moisture buildup and bad odors. Regularly inspect your gear to check for wear and tears.

How can I find the right cricket balls?

What level of cricket are you playing will determine what cricket ball is best for you. Leather balls are recommended for competitive games. A softer synthetic ball is recommended for casual or training games. In order to prevent injuries in junior players, a lighter weight ball should be used. Check the league rules for details on ball specifications.


  • Studies show that players who wear thigh pads have a 25% lower risk of sustaining severe bruises or contusions.
  • On average, cricket pads have a functional lifespan of about 4 to 5 years with regular use and proper care.
  • Studies show that leather cricket balls can deteriorate up to 30% in performance after 80 overs of play.
  • Research indicates that players using properly fitted helmets reduce their risk of head injuries by nearly 70%.
  • Close to 60% of cricket players report improved batting performance after selecting a bat with the correct size and weight.
  • Nearly 50% of amateur cricketers have experienced equipment-related discomfort or injury due to improper fitting.
  • Only about 5% of cricket bats sold are made from Grade 1+ English willow, the highest quality available.
  • The global cricket equipment market is expected to grow by 3.3% annually from 2020 to 2024.

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How to Choose a Cricket Bag that Fits All Your Gear

Selecting the right cricket bag is based on how much gear you need to transport. If you have a complete kit, opt for a large wheeled suitcase to facilitate movement. You may only need a small bag, such as a duffel or backpack. Make sure there are separate compartments in the bag for items such as shoes and helmets. This will help you keep all your gear organized.