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Urvashi Rautela Loses ’24 Carat Gold iPhone’ During India Match before Fans Spot Strange Detail at Mumbai Airport

Urvashi Rautela's Expensive Problem

Actress and model Urvashi Rautela recently lost her prized possession, a '24 carat gold iPhone,' during the India Cricket World Cup match against Pakistan. She took to social media to inform her followers about the incident, but fans noticed something strange in pictures taken at Mumbai airport.

The Mystery Unfolds

After India's victory over Pakistan in what was dubbed 'the biggest game in cricket,' Rautela discovered that her expensive phone had gone missing at the Narendra Modi Stadium. She claimed that the phone was made of real 24 carat gold and reached out to the Ahmedabad Police for assistance.

A Plea for Help

Rautela took to social media to seek help, posting, "Lost my 24 carat real gold iPhone at Narendra Modi Stadium, Ahmedabad! If anyone comes across it, please help. Contact me ASAP! #LostPhone #AhmedabadStadium #HelpNeeded #indvspak @modistadium @ahmedabadpolice." The Ahmedabad Police responded, requesting more details.

A Mysterious Twist

Eagle-eyed fans, however, noticed something peculiar. In videos posted the day after Rautela reported the phone missing, she can be seen holding the same mysterious phone. This discovery led some to question the authenticity of her appeal for help, suggesting it may have been a publicity stunt.

Debunking the Claims

While some online users questioned the legitimacy of Rautela's plea, others defended her, pointing out that the video could have been posted after the alleged theft took place. The investigation into the missing phone continues.

A Reward Offered

In an effort to recover her lost phone, Rautela, who boasts 69.2 million followers on Instagram, offered a reward for its return. She claimed that the phone was spotted in a shopping mall in Ahmedabad.

From Model to Actress

Rautela rose to fame as a successful model, representing her country at Miss Universe 2015. She has since transitioned into acting, starring in popular films such as Sanam Re, Great Grand Masti, Hate Story 4, and "Pagalpanti."

Trouble at the World Cup

Not only has Rautela faced challenges during the World Cup, but other notable women have as well. Sky Sports host Zainab Abbas, a Pakistani journalist, fled the country due to abuse she received for her "derogatory and provocative posts" about India and Hinduism. Abbas expressed feeling intimidated and scared by the online backlash and took time to reflect on the situation.