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Euro 2020

F1 ace Lando Norris mugged for £40k watch at Wembley as fans ran riot

BRIT F1 ace Lando Norris, 21, had his £40,000 watch nicked at Wembley as fans ran riot.

Wembley descended into a warzone at the Euro final — when 2,500 ticketless, drunken thugs stormed the stadium.

Lando Norris at the F1 Grand Prix of Monaco 2021 in Monte Carlo
A Richard Mille RM 11-03 watch costing £40,000

Terrified families called security for the showpiece event a shambles, with fights breaking out around the ground.

Britain’s F1 ace Lando Norris was also mugged for his £40,000 watch after the game with Italy — England’s biggest since 1966.

Players’ families were caught up in skirmishes, children were    left in tears, a female security guard was trampled and a disabled entrance stormed.

Last night, there were calls for the FA, which owns Wembley ­stadium, to step up security, amid fears any bids to host future World Cups would be harmed.

Moments before kick-off on Sunday night, drunk hooligans surged through cordons, sparking chaos.

Fans who paid £900 and more for tickets then found yobs in their seats refusing to budge. 

Friends and families of stars including captain Harry Kane, John Stones, Raheem Sterling and Harry Maguire also saw trouble unfold as dozens barged into their section.

A source said: “All the players had their kids in there. It was ­terrifying. The wives, girlfriends and children were all crying. There were a couple of fights.

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“None of the relatives or friends had seen anything like this before. They arrived to find seats taken by fans without tickets. And they were rude and really aggressive.

“It got really nasty and was very upsetting. There were not enough stewards and no police in sight.”

Rugby star Mike Tindall, 42, and his royal wife Zara, 40, saw two men fighting near their seats — so the burly World Cup winner stepped in. One fan suffered a ­broken nose, with Princess Anne’s daughter Zara mopping up blood from her seat with a hankie.

A source said: “At least one of the fans didn’t have a ticket. Mike was trying to break up the fight.”

After the game, motor racing ace Lando was ambushed by yobs as he got into his £165,000 McLaren GT supercar. He was then grabbed by one while another tore off his prototype Richard Mille watch.

An eyewitness told HOAR: “Lando was held and another ­robber pulled off his watch in a split second. Lando looked pretty shaken up. Security had been a nightmare all night.”

He had earlier posted a photo of himself at the game for his 3.4million online followers. A spokesman for his McLaren team said he was “understandably shaken”.

Lando Norris was mugged at the wheel of his McLaren supercar at Wembley’s car park
Stewards replace barricades after they were knocked over outside Wembley at the Euro final

England fans inside Wembley help to ‘eject’ people storming the gates

Security sources estimate thousands broke in without tickets. 

One said: “Analysis of video footage shows around 2,500 ticketless yobs storming in. But, the fact is, the stadium is not policed because Wembley won’t pay the bill for it. Security is left to poorly paid stewards to deal with and they were totally overrun. Serious questions need to be asked.” 

Thugs circulated pictures of match tickets and Covid-negative test barcodes before the kick-off to trick and overwhelm staff.

Once past Covid screens, they gathered in large groups and charged over barriers, knocking aside anyone in their path.

One video shows scores clambering through and sprinting to the entrance as a female steward falls screaming to the floor. 

Another obtained by the Sun shows disabled access doors being breached by dozens of male and female gatecrashers. 

A man was also seen being repeatedly kicked in the head and body after falling to the ground.

At one point, a frustrated fan turns on stewards standing by and shouts: “Do your f***ing job!” 

Ex-footballer Lee Ebden, 37, now a consultant, took his 66-year-old dad John to the game, paying more than £800 each.

But they were shocked to see mobs storming a disabled entrance then found groups of ticketless fans all around them.

Lee, of Macclesfield, said: “I’ve never felt so scared or ashamed as I was at Wembley at what should have been a great night. The ­stewards and police completely lost control — to call it an horrendous shambles is a complete understatement. As I went through the turnstile, a bloke in an England shirt tried to squeeze in with me. They were all doing it.”

Tory MP Alec Shelbrooke warned of repercussions for future tournaments. He said: “Fifa will be watching these scenes carefully and taking a very dim view. I hope those who instigated it are met with the full force of the law.”

The Met Police reported at least 86 arrests in London, including 53 at Wembley, for ABH, drunk and disorderly behaviour and criminal damage. A total of 19 officers were also injured, with Police Federation chairman Ken Marsh calling the scenes a “national disgrace”.

Boris Johnson’s spokesman said: “Those scenes were unacceptable and we condemn violence, anti- social behaviour and abuse in the strongest possible terms.”

The FA said it would carry out a full review and apologised to law-abiding fans for the “unprecedented level of public disorder”. The Met promised to “actively pursue and investigate offenders”.