Euro 2020

Lone Scot stands proud among 500 England flags ahead of Euros showdown

A LONE Scot is waving her St Andrew’s cross among 500 England flags.

Sarah Dollard, 31, will be the only Scottish fan in England’s most patriotic housing estate for tomorrow’s Wembley showdown.

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Sarah Dollard is the only Scottish fan on England’s most patriotic housing estate

She’s flying the St Andrew’s cross among 500 England flags

Kirby Estate has became a mini-tourist hotspot

But neighbours on the Kirby Estate in Bermondsey, South East London, urged her to make a last minute switch to the Three Lions.

She said: “I stand out like a sore thumb! It’s a great laugh. It has had everyone talking.

“I thought I’d display the flag to show my support for Scotland.”

The estate became a mini-tourist hotspot since residents flew flags for the 2012 Euros.

It also has Portugal, Germany, Turkey and Italy flags.

Sarah, who predicts a 1-0 Scotland win, added: “I will keep dreaming and hopefully Scotland can go all the way.

Neighbours have tried to get Sarah to switch to the other side

She’s standing strong and predicting 1-0 to Scotland

“People are laughing at me for saying that. But if we did leave the tournament then I’d have to support England.”

Neighbour and Three Lions fan Alan Putman, 51, said: “We’ve tried to change Sarah’s mind but we’ve had no joy.

“She’s a proud Scot.”

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