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AFC Wimbledon Star’s Controversial Antics Against MK Dons Spark Outrage

Controversial Warm-Up Antics

AFC Wimbledon midfielder Harry Pell has caused a stir with his provocative behavior towards MK Dons fans during the warm-up session before their recent match.

Viral Video and Fan Reactions

Pell was captured on camera kicking balls towards the traveling MK Dons supporters, a move that has since gone viral on social media, drawing mixed reactions from fans.

Formal Complaint Planned

Despite the amusement from some supporters, an MK Dons supporter group, Franchise Dons, has announced plans to file a formal complaint against Pell for his actions.

Backlash and Player Background

The controversial incident has sparked backlash, with Franchise Dons expressing their intent to take action. Pell, who recently returned to AFC Wimbledon, has a history with the club and has scored two goals this season.

League Standings

Following a dramatic 1-0 victory in the derby match, AFC Wimbledon is now just four points away from the League Two play-offs in 10th place, while MK Dons hold the fifth spot, trailing the automatic promotion positions by five points.

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