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Arsenal and Man Utd Target Kenan Yildiz: Juventus Sets Price Tag

Price Tag Revealed

Juventus has reportedly set a price for 18-year-old Kenan Yildiz, who is being targeted by Arsenal and Manchester United. The Italian club is said to want around £51m for the forward, while Arsenal is preparing a £34 million bid.

Rising Star

Yildiz has attracted interest from clubs across Europe since the start of the season. He made 15 Serie A appearances, scoring once, after breaking into the first team at the beginning of the season following his move from Bayern Munich last summer.

International Success

The young talent also earned his first senior call-up to the Turkish national team in October and scored in a 3-2 win over Germany. Turkey’s Under-19s manager compared Yildiz to Cristiano Ronaldo, praising his superior ball technique.

Manager's Praise

Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri spoke highly of Yildiz's talent during a press conference in October, predicting that he would become a "wonderful player."

Transfer Block

Despite interest from Arsenal, Juventus reportedly blocked a transfer for Yildiz in January. The young forward has since become an important senior player for both club and country.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you explain the offside rule in football?

The offside rule is a fundamental aspect of football aimed at preventing players from gaining an unfair advantage. Offside is when a player’s head, body or feet are in the opposite team’s side of the field, closer to their opponent’s goal than the ball, and also the next-to-last player (typically, the last player on the outfield) at the time the ball is passed to them. Note that being offside does not constitute a violation unless a player takes part in the match, gains an edge, or interferes against an opponent.

What strategies can I use to stay motivated and focused on improving my football skills?

To stay motivated and focused, it is important to set clear goals that you can achieve and track your progress. Regularly reviewing performance in training and match can help identify strengths and areas to improve. Finding a trainer or joining an online community can create supportive relationships and encourage persistence. Additionally, maintaining a positive mindset and visualizing success can be powerful motivational tools. To maintain motivation and focus, it is important to incorporate variety into training routines.

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A disciplined, strategic approach is required to defend against an offensive team that is strong. Tactics such as forming a solid defence, maintaining a tight team formation and applying a disciplined scoring system are essential. Limiting the scoring chances of opposing players by forcing them to the sidelines instead of the middle can be done. Communication between defenders is key, as are quick defensive transitions when possession has been lost. The offensive team can use counter-attacking tactics to exploit any gaps created by the defensive team’s commitment.

What role is played by a head coach in a football squad’s success?

A coach plays a pivotal role in a football team’s success through development of training programs, tactical planning, and player management. In addition to preparing effective training sessions and creating strategic game plans, the coach is responsible for motivating players. Coaches make important decisions about player placement and selection, while also managing team dynamics to maintain a positive environment. Their leadership often helps teams overcome challenges and drive them to achieve success.

What type of physical conditioning would be best for a soccer player?

A football player’s conditioning program should be well-rounded, focusing on all aspects. This includes aerobic exercises for endurance, sprint training for speed and agility, strength training to improve power, and flexibility routines to prevent injury and enhance recovery. Additionally, sport-specific drills that simulate match conditions are beneficial in preparing the body for the physical demands of football. Working with a certified fitness professional or coach can help tailor the program to an individual’s needs.


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  • Players who train for more than 10 hours a week show a 20% improvement in technique compared to those who train for less time.
  • Goalkeepers who engage in specialized reaction-time training reduce their goals-conceded tally by an average of 25% over a season.
  • Coaches who engage in continuous professional development contribute to a 40% better win ratio for their teams.
  • Teams that prioritize teamwork in training sessions increase their passing accuracy by an average of 15% in competitive matches.

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