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Premier League

Arsenal might be eight points ahead in Premier League title race.. but it’s STILL Man City’s to lose

IF Manchester City were eight points clear with ten games to go, there would not even be a question about the title race already being over.

But because it’s Arsenal in that position, I still don’t think they’re favourites to be champions.

Arsenal could find it harder and harder the closer they get to the finishing line

Erling Haaland and Co will be desperate to close the gap for champs Man City

Speaking from personal experience, I know just how difficult it is to get over that finishing line for the first time.

Arsenal are going to get tighter and tighter with every game they play.

In our last ten games of the season we were scrapping at home against teams who had absolutely nothing to play for.

We lost 2-1 at home to Derby and Dean Saunders scored twice. I was ready to rip his head off.

I was screaming ‘Jesus Christ, why are you trying so hard? Do you want Liverpool to win the title again?’

He told me he was  trying to win the Golden Boot and I said ‘well just stop it’.

But that’s how it’s going to be for Arsenal over the next two months because every game is going to feel like a cup final.

City might have as many as 18 more games to play but Pep Guardiola has so much talent at his disposal that he can pick one team in the league and another for the cup competitions.

They’ve won the title before and because they’re coming from behind they will be able to play with much more freedom than Arsenal.

It’s going to be so tight and right now I’m experiencing a proper Fever Pitch moment because I’m watching every game from the edge of my seat like a proper fan.

Maybe it’s a blessing in disguise that Arsenal have been knocked out of the Europa League because it was never going to be their priority once they hit the top of the league.

We all saw what happened in that competition when they rested some of their top boys and they’re definitely not going to win the league with their back-up players.

Even with their best players available, they might not do it.

I might be the only person saying this but I still think it’s  City’s title to lose.