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Premier League

Arsenal Triumph: Saka Shines, White Struggles in Newcastle Clash

Saka and Havertz Lead the Way

Arsenal displayed dominance in a 4-1 victory against Newcastle, with Bukayo Saka and Kai Havertz standing out with stellar performances. Saka scored his 13th goal of the season, while Havertz chipped in with his sixth goal, showing his worth after a tough match in Porto.

Player Ratings

Here's how SunSport's Ellie Grant rated the Arsenal team in their recent triumph:

  • David Raya – 6: Solid performance with minimal work.
  • Ben White – 6: Decent effort at the back but lacking in attacking presence.
  • William Saliba – 8: Impressive contribution to Arsenal's frontline.
  • Gabriel Magalhaes – 7: Consistently provided chances for the attackers.
  • Jakub Kiwior – 8: Quiet in the first half but secured the win with a goal.
  • Martin Odegaard – 8: Controlled the game and created scoring opportunities.
  • Declan Rice – 7: Ensured a solid defense and provided chances for his team.
  • Kai Havertz – 9: Shone with a stellar performance and his sixth goal of the season.
  • Bukayo Saka – 9: Found the net again, boosting his goal tally to 13 this season.
  • Jorginho – 8: Instrumental in preventing Newcastle's advances.
  • Gabriel Martinelli – 8: Supported Havertz and remained active in the game.

Final Thoughts

Arsenal's win against Newcastle showcased the team's strength and determination, with key players stepping up to secure the victory. Saka's brilliance and Havertz's resurgence were crucial in maintaining the Gunners' winning streak. With a solid performance from the squad, Arsenal looks set to continue their success in the Premier League.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Nutrition is a key component to a player’s performance. A balanced diet that includes a proper mix of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals is necessary for energy, muscle repair, and overall health. Dehydration, which can affect performance in a negative way, is another important factor. The timing of meals and nutrition strategies may vary depending on the training and match schedules. It is beneficial to consult a sports nutritionist in order to create individualized dietary plans.

How can I improve my technique in football?

Improving your football technique requires consistent practice and a focus on fundamentals. The importance of regularly performing drills to improve ball control and accuracy in passing and shooting is paramount. You can also improve your technique by spending some time working on your weaker foot, improving your balance and coordination and doing agility exercises. Additionally, studying professional footballers and analyzing their movements, positioning, and decision-making can provide insight and help refine your own skills.

What role does the coach play in the success or failure of a team?

A coach’s key role in a team’s football success is the development of training programmes, tactical planning, as well as player management. The coach’s responsibilities include formulating effective training sessions, devising strategic game plans, and motivating players to perform at their best. Coaches also make crucial decisions regarding player selection and positioning while managing the dynamics within the team to maintain a positive and focused environment. It is their leadership that often guides teams through challenges and drives them towards success.

What is the rule of offside in football?

The offside law is an important aspect of football that aims to prevent players gaining unfair advantage. A player is offside if their feet, head or any other part of their body are closer to an opponent’s goals line, than the ball as well as the next to last opponent. The fact that a player is in an “offside” position does not make it an offense. It only becomes an offense when the player actively gets involved in the play or interferes with the opponent.

What are the essential skills needed to play great football?

A player who wants to play great football must have a combination technical, tactic, physical and mental skills. Technical skills include ball control, dribbling, passing, and shooting. Tactical skills include understanding the game in terms of positioning, movements, and decisions. For performance, physical attributes such as endurance, speed and strength are essential. Finaly, mental toughness and focus are crucial to maintaining performance through a match.


  • Defensive units that practice coordinated drills together at least twice a week concede 18% fewer goals in match play.
  • Goalkeepers who engage in specialized reaction-time training reduce their goals-conceded tally by an average of 25% over a season.
  • Youth players who participate in football education programs have a 35% higher chance of being scouted by professional clubs.
  • A consistent mental focus regimen, including visualization techniques, can enhance player concentration levels by up to 20% during matches.
  • Coaches who engage in continuous professional development contribute to a 40% better win ratio for their teams.

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