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Astrid Wett Boycotts Chelsea Matches After Being “Spat At”

, Astrid Wett Boycotts Chelsea Matches After Being “Spat At”

Astrid Wett Reveals Boycott

Social media influencer Astrid Wett has announced she is boycotting Chelsea matches after being "spat at." She shared an emotional video explaining her decision to skip the FA Cup clash with Leeds.

Abuse and Safety Concerns

In the video, Astrid opened up about the mistreatment she has faced despite being a devoted Chelsea fan. She revealed incidents of abuse, including having drinks thrown at her and being spat at, leading her to feel unsafe at games.

Season Break

Astrid expressed disappointment in the lack of respect she has received and declared that she will not attend any more Chelsea matches for the remainder of the season. She emphasized her dedication to the team but highlighted the impact of negative experiences.

Passionate Fan

Known for her vocal presence on social media, Astrid has been actively supporting Chelsea this season. She made headlines for her comments on potential managerial changes and was visibly emotional after the Carabao Cup final loss to Liverpool.

, Astrid Wett Boycotts Chelsea Matches After Being “Spat At”

Dramatic Matches

Despite missing the FA Cup victory against Leeds, where Chelsea secured a late win, Astrid has been a familiar face at matches, including a memorable moment dodging a shot in a league meeting. Chelsea will face Leicester in the quarter-finals next month.

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